Director Doel International Pvt. Ltd.Mr.Sudip De sharing his views on upcoming Union Budget 2017

sudip de
“Since the entire country’s current mantra is cashless economy, the major focus should be on digital literacy. While many people are well versed with the gizmos, there is still major public who depend on others when it comes to digital transactions. Efforts need to be put in order to edify people, especially in the rural areas of India. Few more aspects which should be the area of concern and improved are better connectivity in the process of electronic payments and access to newer technologies for rural population. Initiatives such as Digital India, Demonetization are good initiatives and can fuel growth of our GDP at the rate of 8 to 8.5%.
Additionally, Time line for GST roll out, import duty stabilization and income tax slab ideation will be few more key expectations we are looking from this budget.”