Digital Technology Company TO THE NEW seamlessly ensuring Business Continuity for its clients during Pandemic Lockdown

TO THE NEW and Evergent Partner to Improve Customer Management & Monetization for OTT Service Providers

TO THE NEW and Evergent Partner to Improve Customer Management & Monetization for OTT Service Providers

TO THE NEW, a leading digital technology company has successfully been able to support and manage business continuity for all its clients during the global COVID-19 crisis and has been able to deliver services in a seamless manner to them even during these times.

In order to ensure a seamless transition to Work from Home for its 1400+ people, TO THE NEW immediately took to execute its contingency and operational frameworks even when a handful of cases were being reported in the country. As part of their readiness, a few teams were asked to work remotely for a period of one week, which allowed the company to improve its processes in advance and be better prepared for the future. Data and content security have remained the key priorities for TO THE NEW since its inception in 2008.

TO THE NEW’s IT team has ensured that it follows client confidentiality with all the security protocols built-in which are being followed with 100% compliance across the organization. The company has enabled its employees with high-speed bandwidth connections at their homes with remote access via VPN to ensure complete security while accessing the customer environment remotely. It also has visible and forensic watermarking in place to ensure watertight content security.

Commenting on their Business Continuity Plan, Deepak Mittal, CEO and Co-founder, TO THE NEW said, “The current scenario has pushed businesses across the globe to think digital in order to have a sustainable recovery. TO THE NEW has always been a cloud-native company serving global markets such as the USA and the Middle East. Physical proximity has never been a requirement for our operations and all our servers are accessible remotely with the right safeguards put in place.”

“Our employees have access to the most sophisticated collaboration and data access tools enabling them to work remotely without compromising on productivity. The leadership team at TO THE NEW is continuously monitoring the situation as it evolves and will make adjustments to its policies accordingly as required.”, he further added.

Highlighting TO THE NEW’s association with Invest India during COVID-19, Aditya Sharma, Chief Technology Officer, Invest India says “We are glad to be associated with TO THE NEW as our partner to Invest India, even during this precarious COVID-19 scenario. TO THE NEW helped us deliver a fully functional Business Immunity Platform – a unified platform to bring together key Government stakeholders, industry champions and logistic providers to identify and fill the demand-supply shortages in the supplies required to combat COVID-19 within 21 business days. What makes this special is that all the team members worked seamlessly in a distributed environment while ensuring all security protocols are followed, to help us formulate, align and deliver this mission-critical product quickly and effectively.”

TO THE NEW has also augmented its remote device testing capabilities by procuring additional devices and shipping heavy devices like Smart TVs directly to its employees’ homes to ensure a seamless work environment particularly for its mobile applications and OTT platform clients. To further augment its remote testing capabilities, the company has reinforced platform simulations through Cloud-based device farms to help accurately simulate the test environment for its customers.