DIGISOL to Host ‘DCFX’ a Certified FTTH Training Program for ISPs and Partners in Bangalore

DIGISOL Systems Ltd., a leading provider of IT networking products, will be conducting its FTTH training program, DCFX (DIGISOL CERTIFIED FTTH Expert) for ISPs and Partners in BangaloreThe agenda of this training is to enhance knowledge of ISPs and Partners on FTTH and introduce them on the latest FTTH products and solutions offered by DIGISOL. The event will be held on 6th December at Digisol’s Bangalore office.

This FTTH training program is a DIGISOL proprietary training program designed to empower ISPs and Partners in various cities with DIGISOL’s top-notch FTTH products available in the market and how these products are designed to meet the current IT Networking Industry demands. Partners can enrol by registering at ditt@digisol.com.

DCFX program is an extensive program on FTTH Technology and comes under DIGISOL Institute of Technical Training (DITT). This paid program benefits are listed below:

– Fiber basics and complete FTTH theoretical and practical understanding.

– Provide the knowledge about prerequisites needed to create BOQs

– Training module further consists of configuration of Digisol FTTH active devices