DetelPro launches its First Face Mask ‘Yoddha’ that will cost you 99 Paise per Day

DetelPro, the brainchild of the brand Detel that has disrupted the Feature phone and TV Industry with its world’s most economical products today announced the launch of its reusable and antiviral face mask Yoddha that will cost its users 99 paise per day. The newly launched product is priced at Rs. 29 and will be available for purchase for consumers on  and for distributors, trade partners and corporates on

DetelPro paid close attention to the intended use and designed the product with breathability, moisture transport, wear comfort, and antibacterial finishes in mind. The mask not only ensures proper filtration of contaminants but also offers 3 levels of extra protection. In addition, the mask not only reduces bacteria but also harmful viruses. Thereby, making it the world’s most economical cotton face mask with per day usage cost of just 99 paise to keep yourself and your loved ones safe!

DetelPro’s mask is available in solid Navy Blue, Black & Grey Black Colour.

Commenting on the same, Mr. Yogesh Bhatia, CEO & Founder, DetelPro, said, ” Face masks will probably continue to accompany us in our everyday life for a long time. As the name ‘Yoddha’ suggests our mask is the finest quality personal protection gear that offers the filtration efficiency  and is very comfortable and made of durable cloth mask. Also, since our product is washable and reusable, and mostly made from cotton, we will be directly reducing the amount of biomedical waste”

“We have kept the pricing of our mask as affordable as 99 paise per day safety cost for the regular public. We hope to reach to the remotest parts of the country with our affordable models and make a difference in the lives of millions.”  , he further added 

The mask offers a functional fit and a comfortable position around the head and neck. The mask completely seals the face and is suitable to wear with glasses and hearing aids.