January 17, 2021

Delta Adds CliQ II Buffer Module For Output Current Up To 40A


Delta Electronics is extending the CliQ II buffer module – DRB-24V040ABN to support 24V system for up to 40A load with minimum buffering time of 0.2 second or up to 8 second at 1A load. The Buffer Module utilizes maintenance-free electrolytic capacitors to store energy, thus eliminating the need for periodic replacement as compared to costlier batteries which also have shorter functional life span.

The DRB-24V040ABN offers flexible operating buffering-voltage modes at fixed mode for 22Vdc or dynamic mode for Vin -1V and comes with comprehensive protection features- overcurrent/overload, short circuit and reverse polarity protections. Conformal coating is applied on the PCBA to protect against common dust and chemical pollutants in harsh industrial environments. Other major safety approvals are included.

Its features includes Full corrosion resistant aluminium chassis,Minimum buffering time of 200ms @ 24V/40A,Supports parallel connection to extend buffering time et.