dell headquarterDell’s emotion-sensing technology, the pet project of chief research officer and IBM’s former chief technology officer Jai Menon, has attracted most of the audience at TED talk in Amsterdam. This is one the biggest projects hosted by Dell’s research organisation, which is just one-year-old now.

During his Indian visit Menon talked to The Economic Times about the practical applications of the emotion-sensing technology. According to Menon, his team has been working to gain more knowledge about the intention of an individual when he/she is using his laptop or mobile phone. The software can explain whether a gamer is feeling bored with the game or not, then the challenge level of the game will be adjusted accordingly and related feedback will be given to the gaming company too. It’s all about personalisation through user’s intent.

They have planned about emotion-sensing just like GPS which tells you about restaurants which are around your present location. Menon is an alumnus of IIT Madras and Ohio State University and he holds more than 53 patents under his name. Dell will be looking at camera-based inputs to identify your state of mind and stress level will be detected through a speech analysis software. So it’s all about your mood which is in focus right now. The technology can also be beneficial to healthcare sector.

For example, as Menon added, before a heart-attack a person shows certain indications. This technology will be able to detect those indications and their aftermath too to control the worst situation. Menon has also revealed that security is one more section which is being worked upon by Dell Research. Continuous authentication is such a technology which is capable of monitoring mobile’s usage pattern and then it detects if the device is used by any unauthorised person or not. Menon also said India is becoming the next big R&D hub for Dell in years to come.