Dell Technologies’s latest PowerEdge & OpenManage upgrades will help organizations unleash innovation and be future-ready

The data-driven era has fundamentally not just changed the world but have also changed speed of businesses, customer expectations etc. To keep up with these changing dynamics, innovation has become a necassary fuel for organizations to look at. But, to attain this innovation, organizations need to adopt an enterprise-wide vision of data, which will help them reduce friction between business demands and IT capabilities.

Therefore, to empower businesses to become innovation engines with scalable, connected and reliable infrastructure and tools, Dell Technologies has recently introduced new capabilities across its Dell EMC PowerEdge server and OpenManage solutions portfolio. Moreover, Dell Technologies has also collaborated with Splunk to jump-start the insights-driven IT operations journey by uncovering the hidden insights in data. The new offerings by Dell Technologies include:

  • The all-new Dell EMC PowerEdge XE7100:

Technology innovation across an organization is integral to deliver customer value. Purpose-build for complex compute and storage intensive workloads, the new PowerEdge XE7100 will offer the industry’s highest-density in a standard depth rack 5U storage server[1] with flexible configuration options engineered for intelligent video analytics, media-streaming and object storage. It will hold up to 100 high-capacity hard drives, or 67%[2] more drives than a competitive system, to store more data securely. Additionally, is PowerEdge XE7100 is now equipped with one or two dual-socket nodes with up to four accelerators[3] to avoid data silos to boost inferencing performance.

  • Rapid Enablement from OpenManage Systems Management Enhancements:

IT becomes an enabler of rapid innovation when technology platforms can be easily accessed and seamlessly expanded. The upgraded Dell EMC OpenManage Systems Management portfolio will enable rapid deployment and scalability of dynamic infrastructure with the multiple benefits such as :

  • Reduction in complexity with full-stack management capabilities in the same place for both physical and virtual hosts with OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter v.5.2. With PowerEdge XE2420 server for the Edge, OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter will deliver a seamless systems management experience at full speed from the edge to the hybrid-cloud.

  • OpenManage Enterprise FlexSelect architecture will help in automating and simplifying server lifecycle tasks to scale operations rapidly. Additionally, with one interface, users will be able to prevent downtime through OpenManage Enterprise SupportAssist, streamline and automate the catalog and repositories update tasks with OpenManage Enterprise Update Manager[4] and identify and control underutilized resources and power consumption to aid workload planning with OpenManage Enterprise Power Manager.

  • The innovative FlexSelect pluggable architecture will also enable businesss to seamlessly integrate with industry leading management consoles to make PowerEdge server management flexible, such as OpenManage Integration with ServiceNow.

  • Continuous Refinement with infrastructure insights:

Powered by AIOps capabilities from OpenManage Systems Management tools like iDRAC, organizations will be able to continuously refine their data center to become more resilient. Analyzing and visualizing data helps uncover hidden insights. In fact, fine-tuning these insights can make the infrastructure and business more flexible. Therefore, by leveraging OpenManage Enterprise and plugins, organizations can automate notification and action following pre-defined policy, transforming their infrastructure into a more responsive and secure one.

Additionally, to help customers jumpstart their insights-driven operations, Dell Technologies partnered with data analytics leader Splunk to develop the Dell EMC iDRAC Redfish for Splunk Enterprise add-on for ingesting Redfish telemetry data.  Through this collaboration, they developed a visualization dashboard that will allow organizations to monitor the full spectrum of business and infrastructure performance insights in one dashboard.

IT modernization and transformation have become critical imperatives for all businesses. The recent advancements offered by Dell Technologies to its PowerEdge XE series and OpenManage solutions portfolio will aid businesses to address their most demanding workloads from the edge to cloud, quickly and with complete ease.