Dell Technologies leads the Indian server market in Q1 2020

“I am delighted to share that Dell Technologies has yet again secured the top spot in the Indian server market. As a brand, we have always tried to stay close to our customers, listening to their evolving needs and delivering the best-in-class solutions, in order to help them make better business decisions, leading to higher ROI. I believe this to be the core reason which has enabled us to increase our industry share by such a larger percentage in Q1 this year. This is a clear testimony that our technologies have resonated well with our customers and the industry at large, and that they have accepted Dell Technologies as their right digital partner”, said Mr. Manish Gupta, Senior Director and General Manager, Infrastructure Solutions Group, Dell Technologies India. “I strongly believe that servers are the bedrock of modern datacenters and this is clearly something that India businesses understand too. Our way forward as a brand will be to constantly invest in new- age technologies that will further diversify our portfolio of solutions. We will be focusing on IT solutions that are both agile and efficient, which will further help Indian  businesses to thrive in this dynamic, hyper-competitive world, driven by data.