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Dell provides performance proficiency for Bajaj Capital’s Business Requirements

dell_logoBajaj Capital Limited has configured and deployed Dell’s Compellent storage and Compellent Copilot Support for its financial services and applications. This enabled Bajaj Capital to achieve a four-fold improvement in processing speed with a virtualized storage solution that could scale effectively, improve processing performance and ensure regulatory compliance.

Bajaj Capital offers a wide range of investment products and banking services and operates over 100 centers throughout the country. Due to rapid growth in the volume of financial data being generated, the company required a storage solution that could provide long term scalability and meet unpredictable storage requirements.  Dell Compellent SC8000 Storage Center array offered an automated tier-ing approach that addressed the company’s need for flexibly of data, based on activity and demand governed by the tight regulations and guidelines within the industry. Bajaj Capital installed Dell Compellent Data Progression to move active data to Tier 1 storage, while automatically migrating less active data to more cost-effective lower level Tier 2 and Tier 3 storage.

By implementing Dell Compellent Enterprise Manager, Bajaj Capital has simplified its data storage and reduced the hours spent on storage management, thereby allowing the IT team to focus on improving customer experience. Bajaj Capital also recorded a decrease in the monthly accounting period time by having highly active data reside on solid-state drives (SSD), which deliver optimal performance to meet the company’s workload.

“We have become highly responsive to our customers thanks to the easy and quick access to data needed for approvals and workflow activities. We are now able to close our accounting period on time, which has eliminated delays and improved efficiency. The level of support we have received from Dell has been excellent and this is a key reason they have been able to retain our service over many years,” said, Puneet Kaur Kohli, Group Executive Vice President, IT & Operations, Bajaj Capital

“Dell has successfully helped Bajaj Capital improve business efficiency and eliminate bottlenecks, to bring about a four-fold improvement in processing speeds. The Financial Services industry functions within a complex regulatory framework and deals with critical data access and storage requirements. We believe that the solutions we provided Bajaj Capital are amply suited to support their growth and efficiency requirements,” said, Amit Luthra, National Manager, Storage and Networking Solutions Marketing, Dell India.

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