DellDell renewed its commitment to today’s ever-evolving consumers, with the launch of its latest family of tablets – Dell Venue. The Dell Venue line of tablets, with four new ultrathin models comprise of built-for business tablets and personal tablets for daily use. Designed to address the changing way people live and work today, these all-encompassing devices are dedicated to helping individuals meet their match, complementing different working habits and lifestyles. With compact designs that make it easy to stay connected on the go, the Dell Venue 7 and 8 Android-based tablets and the Venue 8 Pro and 11 Pro Windows-based tablets, have an exquisite look and feel.

The growing understanding of technology among average consumers has fundamentally changed the way people live and work. As people are becoming more comfortable with technology they are frequently using multiple devices to access their information from anywhere, anytime. Further, their technology choices and consumption reflect these changing needs and behavior. Whether for professional purposes or personal entertainment and communication, people want to be “plugged in” at all times. But users want accessibility to be complemented with convenience. The Venue family is Dell’s solution to address this amalgamation of convenience and connectivity, supported by a strong service strategy that gives users peace of mind.

Dell has been committed to providing the optimal enabling experience that technology can provide. With this in mind, Dell has launched the Venue 7 & 8 tablets which operate on the Android operating system for consumer usage like multimedia consumption and web browsing. Dell recognizes the need to provide choices to the consumer, and operating system versatility is a part of it. In keeping with the popularity Android garners across the world on mobile devices, Dell has made a conscious choice to adopt innovations that enhance the consumer experience. The Dell Venue 7 & 8 are feature-rich tablets offering features like a 17.78-cm (7-inch) PS HD display, which provide exceptional detail and the widest viewing angle. Powered by Intel Atom processors the Dell Venue 7 & 8 delivers lightning fast web browsing and application performance. The Android-based Venue tablets also come preloaded with PocketCloud which allows users to search, edit and share data from any device, anywhere and come with the assurance of Dell Services like Carry in Service and Accidental Damage service on the Venue 7 & Venue 8 respectively.

In keeping with the evolution of the workforce, and the increasing emphasis placed by end users on trends like Bring-your-own-device, and the growing role of mobility, Dell has launched the Windows 8.1 based Venue 8 Pro and Venue 11 Pro tablets, a tempting mix of design, performance and responsiveness. Dell Venue Pro Tablets have been designed to deliver the best user experience for today’s professionals who work not just in the office, but also at home, in transit, or from airport lounges and coffee shops, therefore requiring superior security, manageability and reliability. These products bring with them the enhanced productivity that accompanies compatibility with Windows applications like Office etc., and offer high performance and flexibility with cutting-edge connectivity options to maximize efficiency and accessibility, backed by Dell Advanced Exchange Warranty for seamless and hassle-free troubleshooting.

“Today, anywhere, anytime information access is the need of every user – for both professional as well as personal purposes. With the launch of this family of tablets, Dell sustains its endeavor to deliver superior technology and innovative mobility solutions to users, keeping in mind their individual needs. The Venue family completes our end-to-end device range, in addition to our exhaustive range of laptops, desktops, ultrabooks, All-in-ones and workstations,” said Alok Ohrie, President & Managing Director, Dell India

The Venue 8 Pro is the thinnest 20.32-cm (8-inch) Windows 8.1-based tablet available, with advanced connectivity options and long battery life. The Dell Venue 8 Pro also keeps your work entirely secure with firmware TPM and Dell Data Protection& Encryption Security Tools available for every model. Powerful Intel® Atom™ Quad-core® allows for leading compatibility, power and performance.

The Venue 11 Pro[i] offers ultimate 2-in-1 flexibility, with the power of an Ultrabook. The Windows 8.1 tablet features a large, high-resolution 27.43-cm (10.8-inch) full HD IPS display, and PC-grade performance with 4th Generation Intel® Core™ i3 and i5 processors and Intel vPro for manageability. The Venue 11 Pro also comes with a swappable battery, and snaps into full-sized, durable keyboards or desktop dock options for an experience that comes close to full-fledged desktop computing.

Intel, the company that revolutionized computing technology is bringing new experiences to tablets. New Intel Atom™ processors are designed and optimized for lightning fast apps, responsive Web browsing, stunning 3D graphics, advanced camera capabilities, and vivid HD video, with energy efficiency for outstanding battery life.

“We congratulate Dell on the launch of the Venue family of tablets. This wide range of tablets with Intel Inside solves the contemporary technology challenges people have today, including the ability to multitask, the need for prolonged battery life and enhanced graphics, and the ability to have a more productive, enjoyable mobile experience,” said Debjani Ghosh, Managing Director, Sales & Marketing Group, Intel South Asia.

“We are excited to be offering cutting edge connectivity and mobility options, with features like PocketCloud in order to enable our users. The Venue family is one where each one can find their match in a tablet that suits their needs. Dell Services like Carry in Service and Accidental Damage service on the Venue 7 & Venue 8 as well as Advanced Exchange Warranty on the Venue 8 Pro provide our customer peace of mind at all times. With this versatile range of tablets, we hope to take the Dell brand promise to consumers across the board and enable them to do more with superior service and innovative technology,” said P. Krishnakumar, Executive Director & General Manager, Consumer & Small Business, Dell India.

Shishir Singh, Director, Director EUC Marketing, “These latest Venue family tablets are really exciting products for the end users. And for the channel partners, these tablets will be revenue boosters. Earlier partners were feeling that they were missing some revenue from products range, because we were not present in the tablet space. Now with the launch of these tablets, they have an opportunity to make good money. Compared to the tablets available in the market, our tablets are packed with better features, quality and after-sales-service. They are bound to be a hit with the end user. We are also launching a special promotion drive in all the relevant and important media. We are also launching special partners meets. We are aiming at No. 1 market share in the tablet space.”

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