Dell EMC Launches Integrated Data Protection Appliance and Expands Cloud Data Protection Portfolio

Introducing Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance:
Efficient data protection is not easy to accomplish with many of today’s solutions, where there is often complexity in the setup or the need to manage multiple point solutions for different applications, platforms or data silos. Often, there are multiple products to manage (e.g., backup software, backup servers, search servers and multiple vendors), which can result in lengthy and time-consuming deployments, siloed data protection environments and complex and expensive management.Dell EMC IDPA is a pre-integrated appliance designed to help organizations meet these data protection challenges head on

News Highlights:

  •  New turnkey data protection appliance converges storage, protection software, search and analytics in a single, easy-to- deploy solution

  •  Up to 10X faster time to protect than traditional build your own data protection deployment alternatives and 20% faster performance than the closest competitor

  • Brings together industry-leading deduplication (average 55:1 deduplication rate) for data residing both on premise and in the cloud

  • Four models scale from 34 TB to 1 PB usable capacity for max flexibility and choice

  •  Dell EMC protects more than 150 PB of data in the cloud, which is 2x the closest competitor. And today, Dell EMC continues to broaden its cloud data protection capabilities by introducing Disaster Recovery to the cloud and Protection Storage in the cloud.

Full release:
Dell EMC announced new data backup and protection solutions that enable customers to ensure data is secure, backed up and protected against disasters and outages. The new Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA), a purpose-built, pre-integrated and turnkey appliance that converges protection storage, software, search and analytics in a single appliance, provides data protection across a wide ecosystem of applications and platforms, and offers native cloud-tiring for long-term retention. In addition, Dell EMC also rolling out new capabilities to its cloud data protection portfolio to enable customers to simply and effectively protect and back up their data anywhere, any time.

Key benefits of IDPA:

  •  Protection storage, protection software, search and analytics in a single, easy-to- deploy, pre-configured appliance

  •  Accelerated time to value and high performance – up to 10X faster time to protect than traditional build your own data protection deployment alternatives and 20% faster performance than the closest competitor

  • Expansive coverage for physical and virtual workloads, including support for a wide application ecosystem and multiple hypervisors

  •  Coverage can seamlessly extend to the cloud with native cloud-tiring for long-term retention to private or public cloud

  • Encryption, fault detection and healing

  •  Brings together industry-leading de-duplication (average 55:1 de-duplication rate) for data residing both on premise and in the cloud

  • Ability to scale without overhead for the security, reliability and value customers expect from Dell EMC

  •  Flash enabled and VMware optimized for instant access and restore of virtual machines, enabling compliance with stringent RPO/RTO requirements for VMware environments

  •  Customers can leverage the flash enabled capabilities to use appliance as live storage for dev-test environments

DPA also provides integration with key business critical applications and platforms for improved performance and greater levels of data owner control, including: MongoDB, Hadoop and MySQL. Further, IDPA offers the simplicity of a single user interface for typical daily operations. Through this UI, users can schedule and manage protection jobs, set up policies for long-term retention in cloud and comply with the protection SLAs.

Dell EMC offers a comprehensive portfolio of multi-cloud data protection solutions for organizations at any point in their cloud journey. Currently, more than 150 PB of data in the cloud is managed by Dell EMC Data Protection technology, which is 2x the closest competitor.The enhancements to our portfolio that further broaden our cloud data protection capabilities adding two new uses cases for Protection Storage in the cloud and Disaster Recovery to the cloud.
With the release of Data Domain Virtual Edition (DD VE) 3.1, organizations can gain the performance, efficiency, and reliability of Data Domain in the cloud. DD VE enables back up of both traditional and emerging workloads in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure and efficient replication to, from and within the cloud. Additionally, the Data Protection Suite can perform monitoring and reporting of these backups in the cloud.
The combination of Data Domain and the Data Protection Suite can now provide low-cost disaster recovery to the cloud by enabling organizations to extend protection of their on-premises environments to AWS S3. Data is sent securely and efficiently, requiring minimal compute cycles and footprint within AWS. In the event of a disaster, VM images can be restored and run
from within AWS. Since neither Data Protection Suite nor Data Domain are required in the cloud, compute cycles are only required in the event of a restore, enabling users to capture additional cost savings.  

Dell EMC Partner Quote:
PRESIDIO, Raphael Meyerowitz, AVP Data Center Services “Dell EMC IDPA’s holistic approach to data protection will enable our customers to greatly simplify and lower the overall cost of their data protection environment. With faster deployment,a modern, simple, integrated environment, cloud-tiering for long-term retention, leading performance, and four configurations with easy scaling to fit the needs of any organization, our customers can have the peace of mind that IDPA will be able to meet their data protection needs
today and tomorrow.”

Industry Analyst Quote:
Jason Buffington, principal analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group“Both production and protection architectures are evolving a rapid pace, with terms like‘convergence’ and ‘integration’ seemingly everywhere. But Dell EMC’s evolution and announcements epitomize where the industry as a whole must go: integrating best of breed components when you can, for better time-to- value, while ensuring flexibility and scale-without-limits for organizations who already have a forward-capable strategy. In the meantime, ‘hybrid’
is the word of the day, with today being a reminder of the breadth and flexibility of the DellEMC data protection product lines with continued innovation for the protection of modern datacenters, while adding DRaaS capabilities and IaaS protection.”

Dell EMC Executive Quote:
Ripu Bajwa, Country Manager- Data Protection Solutions, Dell EMC India
“Dell EMC IDPA is an integrated solution that provides convergence across for key vectors for data protection. It brings together protection storage and software, including powerful search,monitoring and analytics, provides coverage for a wide range of applications, both physical andvirtual, delivers efficient and high performance protection and recovery, and extends data protection seamlessly to public and private cloud. It will help us to build a comprehensive portfolio of multi-cloud data protection solutions which will help our customers to scale without worrying about security, is cost-effective and reliable. Disaster recovery to the cloud will ensure that data is sent requiring minimal compute cycles and footprint within AWS”