January 25, 2021

Delhi Police recruitment exam postponed after server crash

Staff Selection Commission has deferred the application process for the recruitment examination of Delhi Police constables till October 21 after servers crashed on Monday.
SSC officials said the servers could be repaired and restarted only after Thursday.
Police said a probe has been initiated after the crash and the possibility of hackers targeting the server have also not been ruled out. The commission received 15 lakh applications for 1,000 posts.
SSC officials said applicants can, however, submit fees physically at SSC counters through bank challans by October 21. The recruitment process was earlier handed over to SSC with the permission of the Union home ministry.
That may have been due to mismanagement of the recruitment process or inter-organisational friction or even test paper leaks that Delhi Police was finding dif ficult to control. For this, SSC raised a bill of Rs 100 crore for Delhi Police, which had only spent Rs 1 crore on that. This exorbitant cost had raised several eyebrows in the police brass. Some senior officers had observed that the move was at variance with the Centre’s call to cut costs in all government departments.
Ironically, SSC itself re ported 1,173 cases of use of unfair means in recruitment tests for government jobs conducted by it in the past three years, including 240 last year. This was revealed by the government’s response to a question asked in the Lok Sabha earlier this month.
In July, Delhi Police had announced the recruitment of 4,699 men and women for the post of constable.
The frequency of hacking websites has seemigly shot up in the past few days. To recall, a group of Pakistani hackers recently claimed that they hacked about 7,070 Indian websites.
Each of the allegedly hacked websites showed the logo of the hacker group – Pakistan Haxors Crew. In addition, the song “Ae watan tera ishara aagaya, ar sipahi ko pukar aagaya…” (Oh nation, we’ve received your signal, every soldier has got his call(ing)…” was also played in the background.
In the past, the group has hacked websites of Tata Motors, AIADMK and Taj Mahal. It also said, “There is more to come.”