“Dedicated platform for Business, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Interns which creates an open database for Cross Border Connect.”-Mr.Alan Gomes -Founder and CEO Magas Service Media

Mr.Alan Gomes -Founder and CEO Magas Service Media

IT Voice:- What do you mean by Service Media?

Mr.Alan Gomes:-Service Media means intellectual property created based on mediums of mass communication such as Internet, Mobile, Television, Radio, etc. which enables Lead Generation and Delivery of  Services involving Humans and Technology.  (This definition is accredited globally and copyrighted by INTEROCO – EU Depository, Berlin, Germany)

MAGAS is pioneering Lead Generation and Service Delivery mass media portals based on Geo-locations and also specific to Industries. The concept is called “Service Media.” MAGAS connects with service providers across geographies and industries who can fulfil clients’ needs with cost effective solutions arising from shared economy and idle resource capacities. It delivers services through various channels to cater to its consumer’s demands and taste. MAGAS Service Media platforms in several locations will create a Global Network for Lead Generation and Delivery of Services based on combination of Human and Technology resources.

Conceptual Analogy:

  • The concept of #Service Media, whereby we extract the business element out of the Social Media creates a dedicated platform for Business and Professionals to facilitate transactional business.

  • MAGAS is a B2B & Professional Services Platform which integrates Advertising, Lead Generation and Service Delivery under one roof.

IT Voice:- What kind of business impact did Magas Services witness last year? What was your strategy to deal with that difficult situation?

Mr.Alan Gomes:-Like any other business MAGAS also was impacted due to the COVID19 for few months when it started. However the recovery was much faster as lots of focus came on the online platforms where work could be outsourced to save costs or cost-efficient solutions could be found. Given that MAGAS provides the best solutions through its aggregator network we gained plenty of new leads from different geographies without doing much marketing.

Our model is palatable and can work in any situation. We have created products to get the services providers aggregated in various categories so that the delivery becomes seamless in any location whether in Indian or GCC. We will be integrating more technologies to maintain the QA/QC for the managed services when clients comes to MAGAS. We endeavour that the End User must always have the best experience with MAGAS.

We firmly believe “Since doing cross border business is getting tougher day by day, we envision an aggregation for B2B & Professional Services is critical in today’s crowded space which filters with moderated content for lead generation and transactional services delivery”

IT Voice:- What is MAGAS’s business model and USP? How is MAGAS Services empowering organizations to simplify customer experience?

Mr.Alan Gomes:-MAGAS MODEL & USP’s:

  • Fully Integrated B2B & Professional Services Aggregation in Single Window – Dedicated platform for Business, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Interns which creates an open database for Cross Border Connect

  • Most cost-effective platform for Advertising & Business Promotion – Buy a Page Listing to self-promote and get more visibility. There is no other transaction commission and Advertisers can freely connect and transact. (Only for Service Packages, there is payment collection admin charge of 10%.)

  • Platform for Direct & Qualified Leads Generation where you get notified personally

  • Network that enables Entrepreneurship & Self Employment through its Associate Programme

  • Cost Efficient Professional Services Delivery if outsourced to MAGAS for high value Professional services as listed in Ala Carte & Managed Services

  • Premium Quality Database for direct reach and influence

  • Moderated Content which comes from genuine sources

IT Voice:- How do we fulfil Service Outsourcing?

Mr.Alan Gomes:-

  • We allow buyers to connect with listed Services Providers directly through our platform products such as BZZ, PRO, etc.

  • If they cannot fulfill or not sure of the services delivery, the buyer is free to approach MAGAS through POST YOUR REQUIREMENT FORM (KYC) and we Scope the client’s requirement thoroughly. (i.e. Assignment or Recurring).

  • We then scrutinize the lead very deeply so that we know the quality of Client and the level of Service expected. This is where the Sales Qualified Leads (SQL)’s are determined.

  • Determine if we can deliver in-house or outsource to our pre-RFP’d (Request for Proposal) channel partners who are registered with us.

  • If its outstation we connect with Associates/Partners within our network who are specialist in their fields.

  • MAGAS stays in the middle to moderate and manage the transaction flow.

  • Future, APP will cater to low budget leads and filter from the fake leads automatically.

IT Voice:- What is MAGAS’s growth strategy & innovation roadmap for 2021?

Mr.Alan Gomes:-MAGAS relaunched an enhanced platform in January this year and has been testing the tech features. For the next 3-6 months will maintain organic growth so that all the tech related parameters are fulfilled and awareness is created digitally. Given that Service Media is proprietary to MAGAS, it is not in a rush to expedite the growth. Also the End User got to understand that it’s a need based platform and not want based like Social Media.

MAGAS believes the most powerful medium is the word of mouth and it always takes an organic route. There are other marketing strategies also being planned such Associates Programmes, B2B Channel Partnerships, Paid Marketing Campaigns (online and offline), Associations with Print Media etc.

Our USP’s and Tech Features are quite unique and a combination all of this is offered are at a very Minimal Price so that benefits are passed to the End-Users.

MAGAS will be going for its Series A funding from strategic investors later this year which will boost its OTT presence. It plans to introduce APP and IPTV to enhance Content Gathering & Delivery.

We believe we are solving one of the toughest challenges of today’s era i.e. Lead Generation and Service Delivery through this Unique Ecosystem which will empower the Entrepreneurs and enable Employment right from their desktops.