DEBOCH Launches the first power bank with lightning devices

The new generation of iPhones, iPods and iPads are adopted the Mirco USB-lightning devices in a 9-Pin male design, which has the advantages of the small-sized, space-saving, get working if inserted in pros and cons, preventing anti-plug and huge current.

As the iPhone cannot replace the battery and the Apple users are often powered off, power bank have been become the second necessary battery. But most of portable chargers are used the Mirco-USB as charging device and it is more trouble for Apple users to need extra USB cable. So, can we have a way to develop a power pack supporting lightning devices? Yes, DEBOCH ‘s engineer redesigned their super mobile power bank with lightning devices based on Apple Lightning and power bank, which called Deboch i5200.DEBOCH i5200 mobile power supply use the same PC (Polycarbonate) and colors with iPhone 5C, available 5 colors for options. Battery capacity 5200mAh, external 2 pieces Samsung original battery cell #ICR 18650-26FM/2600mAh. The specification of this battery call is relative to the lithium cobalt oxide material of the first generation #18650, comprehensive upgrade of LiNi-Co-MnO2 + C6 nickel-cobalt-manganese material, longer lifecycles, more safety and better performance.

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The internal of the battery use HT8 architecture and MCU smart control, use the ultra-low temperature of PMW control instructions, low heat when working, which has the Mirco-USB and lightning interface with input 5V / 1A and dual output 5V/2A max. Besides, i5200 has 4 LED indicators showing the power of 25% – 50% – 75% – 100%. In the terms of lighting, has 2 LED high light beads, it can used as a LED lighting when we press the switch for a long time.

In the terms of safety certification, DEBOCH i5200 mobile power supply has passed RoHs, CE, FCC, NETC certificates. For Compatibility, i5200 passed the testing for a hundreds of smart phone, such as: IOS, android and WP7. Using the super popular the 4C color box with blister. The package contents the manual, warranty card, a Micro-USB data and charging cable. And Apple users use their original iPhone lightning cable for connecting to the power pack.

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