Deboch launched the first 7 IN 1 function X-Power Station

Deboch announce today that they reveal publicly the first 7 IN 1 X-PowerStation called XA10050. The XPS has 7 functions totally: sparking the car, camp flashlight, SOS lighting, power pack for phone & tablet with output 5V, power pack for PC (personal computer) with output 12V/19V, SOS lighting for help and work for long-distance drivers.

Different from Deboch’s other sweet power pack, XPS in shape is completely referred to the visual performance of Luc Donckerwolke in the run of Lamborghini Gaallardo. In color, it is close to the green limited edition of Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4’s style.

Deboch focus on researching the convenient storage devices. Previously, Deboch has launched the global’s first mobile power supplies, which was transplanted by electric car batteries. At present, the storage products divided into two categories: X-PowerStation and Power Bank. XPS is a prefessional storage equipment for enterpriser, home and car field. However, power bank is work for the handheld consumer mobile power markets.


3Deboch mentioned the reason that they design this products. In the past, we need waiting others help if our car need to be sparked. Now we may spark the car with the light X-PowerStation by ourselves and continue our journeys.” In lead-acid batteries, The lead-acid batteries of the car inside are powered off and excessive self discharge in cold environment, the most of drivers will not spark the car. They can ask helping for Automotive repair company if this problem happened in the suburbs.  However, It will affect our travel mood seriously if driving the long-distance in the wild and face to this situation.

As per the information provided by official DEBOCH, X-PowerStation are adopted the 10050mAh (37.185Wh) military grade lithium battery, which can spark the car 150 times continually under -20℃–80℃ temperature. XPS can start the 12V/1.6L~2.0L displacement of gasoline and vehicles by internal circuit with output 12V 300A current and the ignition cable to connect the positive and negative of car battery. In the meanwhile, it designed foolproof technology and it cannot work when reversing the negative and positive. This reduces the operation threshold for the former “ Car Expert “ users.

Besides, XPS has another three functions: camp flashlight, roadblocks emergency lighting and SOS lighting. Especially, the camp flashlight choose the top 3W LED lamp bead of American CREE, which the lighting up to 100 meters and lighting time over 15 hours. Open the left side panel then has a LED flash cards as “Caution”, highlighted by 49pcs red and white LED lights. It can provide flash warning in the process of high-speed emergency stop troubleshooting.

Lastly, Deboch X-PowerStation has the LCD5 grade battery capacity showing, supporting voltage output DC 5V/12V/19V and USB output 5V. DC terminal has dual output 12V/ 19V, the maximum current output: 5V/2.1A, 12V/4A, 19V/3.5A. The body provides a USB and external DC output interface, supply the power for all kinds of mobile, digital camera, laptop and car equipments. This product passed TUV, PSC, FCC certifications with input 12V / 1.2A, compatible with global grid 100-240V, built-in CC/CV ‘s IC charging management mode that we don’t worry about the overcharge of the power.