DataSpace And BEEPER Announce Colocation Project’s Successful Results

Wednesday, June 11, 2014: DataSpace, a premium Moscow-based operator of commercial data centers, and BEEPER GroupTM, one of the largest outsourcing contact centers in Moscow, announced the first results of colocation partnership.
When it comes to business continuity and uninterrupted operation of all information processing systems, BEEPERTM customers can now expect the highest standards of service quality to be delivered. DataSpace certified 9MW Tier III Moscow Facility was chosen as a reliable colocation partner to provide data center services based on the best pricing, technological solution and security features on the market.

A reliable data center with the highest level of physical security is the key to successful implementation of continuous large-scale projects for any modern, fast growing company, whose core mission is supported by technology.

Sergey Makarov, Director of the IT Group Department at BEEPERTM, commented on the choice made in favor of DataSpace: “Our company has implemented a sophisticated technological concept of a distributed contact center in a multisite configuration. The construction of the infrastructure maintenance processes based on the service approach inevitably led to high demands for uptime and availability of the data center, as well as for the superior security standards.”

David Hamner, CEO of DataSpace: “Beeper made the right choice – only a certified facility like DataSpace can offer guaranteed uptime and availability of 99.98% according to Uptime Institute Tier III Facility standard. Our engineering infrastructure is concurrently maintainable which offers exponentially greater reliability for the clients. DataSpace has pioneered the Russian data center market with a premium quality product and has achieved international awards and recognition for this. I applaud BEEPERTM for investing in our superlative colocation offering.”

BEEPERTM is now concentrating on providing uninterrupted customer services, while DataSpace operational team ensures business continuity for BEEPERTM mission critical processes in the most secure data center environment.


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