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“Data is the new intelligence and the only differentiator for any business.”-Srinivasan Sriram, Co-Founder and CSO at iValue InfoSolutions

Srinivasan Sriram, Co-Founder and CSO at iValue InfoSolutions

Nisha Harshwal:-What types of solutions are generally centered on data, network and application?

Mr. Srinivasan Sriram:-iValue focuses on digital asset protection and management covering  solutions around data protection and management, network protection and management and application protection and management. Predominantly customers buy IT for application. So we look at it from an application perspective like, what is the criticality of application, application availability, application performance, application security, and application scalability. Underlying the application is the network, which host the application.

Now data has moved from text to video, because of which the networks are getting clogged and performance of application is getting impacted. So we look at how to optimize the network so that application performance doesn’t get impacted, because of the underlying change in the type of data which is going through the application in the network. That is what we try and do at the network layer.

Nisha Harshwal:-How do you evaluate iValue’s current market position?

Mr. Srinivasan Sriram:-The team at iValue has been focusing on DNA management for 20 years. This focused approach has helped in building expertise across technology, vertical, compliance and geography needs, developing industry contacts & relationship across OEM, Customer, Partner and Consultants, resulting in 4+ times market growth rate consistently over the years.

iValue’s unique GTM aligns business development activities in line with offerings maturity in product life cycle evolution, thus creating a scalable and sustainable business.

Customer Life Cycle Adoption through Analytics provides a ready-made platform for current and new OEM’s to target right set of customers in all geography for specific set of solutions, across 6000+ customers. This helps in focused and targeted business development leading to faster growth for both OEM and Partners of iValue.

Nisha Harshwal:-How has digital transformation affected iValue offerings?

Mr. Srinivasan Sriram:-India has been growing very consistently in the last 20 years at a reasonable pace.  Over the period the customer network and security data centers have become complex through multiple initiatives, wherein some technologies become obsolete and new applications are being added with time. Datacenter refresh hence is an ongoing activity with most companies transitioning to a hybrid model for greater flexibility to leverage both private and public cloud

We have also categorized the offerings from digital transformation initiatives of the customer such as security analytics, availability performance management from application and network perspective and next-gen security as the type of threats on on-going scenario and risks go tremendously high. Let us assume that you have an analytics initiative where the cream of data is available in a particular data-lake or a particular location and if this data gets compromised, impacting future of the company. So next-gen security is critical for organization in the Digital transformation journey.

And data is the new oil. Data is the new intelligence and the only differentiator for any business. From a business perspective, customers are concerned about how well the data gets stored, managed, enriched, and leveraged for analytics purpose so that the business can leverage that for their growth and profitability.

Nisha Harshwal:-Please throw some light on iValue’s Go to Market strategy?

Mr. Srinivasan Sriram:-We have relationship with over 35 plus OEMs.  We acquire customers through multiple scenarios and have 600 plus focused partner and different engagement programs for them.  iValue team, our partners and our OEMs bring in new customers. Once we get a customer on board, we look at the customer life cycle analytics to map and then look which solutions from our basket are relevant based on the adoption maturity and then work with our OEM and partner in converting these opportunities jointly.

We have GTM for the partners focused in Enterprise segment and also have a unique way to engage with such partners. We select few relevant solutions complimenting to partner’s top five brands and relevant to top 20 customers. This way we are able to expedite closure leveraging on Partner relationship with Customer and our expertise on offerings.  Jointly we do business development with partner teams until they become self-sufficient both on sales and technical needs. Then we go back to drawing board to identify next set of solutions to focus and this goes on in a structured way.

We are the only VAD with practices for BFSI, government and enterprise that we leverage on this 6000+ customer base and analytics. We also have an AI based Customer relationship management system (CRM). The AI based CRM provides input on a real time basis to show customer engagement levels on every opportunity. This proactively helps us, our partner and OEM to ensure right level of engagement to maximize win rates.

Nisha Harshwal:-What will iValue’s focus for 2020 be in terms of new investments and growth?

Mr. Srinivasan Sriram:-There are 5 broad focused investment and growth areas.

1st we are expanding our Data Network and Application offerings (DNA of every business) with greater focus on Corporate and Enterprise sector.

2nd from a geography perspective we have plans to further invest and also expand to new geographies in India, SAARC, Middle East and Africa.

3rd we also plan to invest in transforming internal capabilities on technology front focusing around Governance, Risk and Compliance areas with an objective to compliment skill sets of our OEM and Partner teams for effectively addressing emerging customer needs in their digital transformation areas. Our focus is to build consulting and service revenues around our OEM and Partner needs.

4th we plan to strengthen our Go To Market team across locations and countries – BFSI, Enterprise and Government practices; Partner focused teams; Solution focused teams and Technology focused teams with a view to maximize big ticket opportunities. We also are making our Digital sales engine strong with a view to provide validated leads to our focused partners.

5th we also have plans for inorganic growth – we are actively looking at consulting and platform based cyber security service firms which will complement our capability and add to partner and customer needs in the DNA management area.

For us the focus is more on quality of growth rather than the quantum of growth. Our approach is consultative, to understand the key business and IT challenges and offer customized and optimized solutions in partnership with a Partner of Customer’s choice.