Danfoss Brings Together Indian Retail Stakeholders On One Platform To Discuss Food Safety And Energy Savings

Seminar held in Bangalore and Delhi to educate stakeholders on Danfoss Retail solutions, which offers energy efficient solutions from farm-to-fork with focus on cost and energy savings

Danfoss, a leading provider of energy efficiency solutions with more than 50,000 food retail installations worldwide, Danfoss logoorganized a one day seminar in Bangalore and Delhi for key retailers and consultants in retail industry. The session was directed at introducing latest food retail products like Pack controller for controlling compressors and new generation electronic expansion valves which regulate refrigerant flow giving energy savings inside retail stores.

The seminar threw light on measures to enhance food safety and achieve energy savings through energy efficient food retail solutions. Danfoss solutions for four key retail applications – super market, convenience stores, controlled atmosphere and banana ripening application were showcased at venue during the seminar.

The compressor is at the heart of the supermarket refrigeration system. The first step to optimizing energy efficiency of retail stores is by considering aspects related to the compressors first, i.e. how to meet the new regulation on refrigerants, how to reduce the total cost in pack production and how to minimize the risk of break-downs causing food loss and inconvenience to shoppers. Danfoss solutions offer optimum pack control integrating variable speed drives and options for heat recovery and are a one-stop-shop for complete pack control for systems of any size and refrigerant.

Today, roughly one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption gets lost or wasted. About one fourth of the food loss takes place in the retail sector. With a global population of 10 billion in 2035, the immense food waste is a key challenge. Danfoss food retail solutions not only ensure the perfect conditions for food in temperature controlled environments, they also help achieve near-zero downtime on store applications in order to improve food safety and reduce food loss. Energy efficient solutions from Danfoss predict failure and triggers just-in-time maintenance and therefore help save energy in the long run.

The seminar attracted officials major retailers in India, who while eager to learn about energy-efficiency solutions, wanted to hear about reliability-related issues of the compressors and other equipment, proper installation procedures and after-sales service by qualified and trained technicians.

30% of the energy consumed in supermarkets are guzzled up by HVAC systems, 21% for lighting and a whopping 41% for refrigeration, with eight per cent for other functions and facilities. The potential for energy savings existed, in the forms of evaporator efficiency; compressor and condenser efficiency; fan, rail heat and defrost efficiency; and heat recovery (HVAC).

Through a wide range of adaptive products and solutions, Danfoss enables retailers to achieve to optimal solutions in supermarket through supplier base consolidation, one point of contact, time-saving through reduction of order handling, field and electronically delivered services and all in one application design support.

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