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D-Link Introduces New Generation DGS-3630 Series Layer 3 Stackable Managed Gigabit Switches

Designed for SMB, enterprises and ISPs, the DGS-3630 switches provide enhanced hardware and software features and powerful performance.
D-Link today announced the new generation of Layer 3 Managed Gigabit Switches- the DGS-3630 series. The series now offers PoE models DGS-3630-28PC with 24 PoE GE + and DGS-3630-52PC with 48 PoE GE+ to provide a complete 10G managed switch portfolio.
The DGS-3630 series switches delivers scalable software management and multiple software image upgrades to access additional advanced features according to your network requirement. The Switch Resource Management (SRM) feature allows the hardware table size to be changed so that switch functions can be optimized based on different applications.
Working at wire-speed performance, the switches can aggregate all the traffic in the network. Together with high reliability and availability, the DGS-3630 series is the ideal core switch in SMB networks. Built-in 10 Gigabit uplink ports and stacking technology allow the switch to easily accommodate larger enterprise networks. Full Layer 3 protocol support, OAM features, and advanced QoS offer scalable and efficient network operation, administration and maintenance even in stressful metro Ethernet infrastructures.
The D-Link DGS-3630 was independently tested and verified as having outstanding performance by Tolly, a leading global provider of third-party validation services for vendors of IT products and services.
Key Features
 Embedded 10 Gigabit SFP+ stacking/uplink ports provide high bandwidth port density.
 The intelligent Switch Resource Management (SRM) feature provides profile-based resource management that allows administrators to quickly allocate switch resources depending on the needs of different applications.
 DHCP auto-configuration and auto-image upgrading can be used to configure and upgrade multiple switches automatically.
 The Auto Surveillance VLAN feature enables the switches to prioritize surveillance traffic in the network to provide effective surveillance system management.
 The hardware-based Solid Dying Gasp feature allows the switch to retain enough power to automatically send out an alert message in the event of device failure.
 The unprecedented built-in 6 kV surge protection feature minimizes the risk of switch damage resulting from electrical surges, thus reducing service downtime and repair costs.
 An RJ-45 alarm port to control external sensors and alarms
Additional Features include:
 Extensive Routing Feature: Static routing and full L3 routing protocol suite for enterprise integration, including OSPF, BGP, VRF-Lite and L3 multicast.
 Multicast Routing: Enhanced efficiency and optimized performance by eliminating traffic redundancy and distributed applications.
 MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching): Support L2VPN and L3VPN. Faster speed of performing lookups for destinations and routing for advanced applications.
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