August 12, 2020

D-Link Announces Wireless Indoor Access point & D-Link 2U Wall Mount DVR

1. D-Link Smart Wireless Indoor Access Point : DAP-2230 & DAP-2660

The latest indoor wireless access points from D-Link are D-Link DAP-2230_DAP-2660designed to support small to medium business or enterprise environments by providing network administrators with secure and manageable dual-band wireless LAN options. Both D-Link DAP-2230 & DAP- 2660 are super compact access point solutions with high power design. Further they operate as Standalone or with D-Link Central WiFi-Manager (free software controller)


Parameters              DAP-2230 N Series           DAP-2660 AC Series 

Frequency Band            2.4GHz                           2.4 GHz & 5GHz

Embedded antenna    Two internal 3 dBi       Two internal 3                                                                                       dBi for  2.4 GHz

                                                                             Two internal 4 dBi                                                                                      for 5   GHz

Maximum Output Power      29.84dBm             29.84dBm

Data rate                                 300Mbps                1200 Mbps

Operation mode            Access Point or with Central Wifi                                                        Manager   Software

Multiple SSID                    Support (up to 8)

SNMP                                 V1/v2c/v3

Mounting                            kit Wall/Ceiling

MRP: D-Link DAP-2230: Rs. 7,350/- & D-Link DAP-2660: Rs. 17,850/-                                                                                                 Warranty: 3 years                                                                                   High resolution product image: As attached

2. D-Link 2U 500 x 400mm Enclosure: NWR-2U-5040-GR-U

Part of D-Link Structured Cabling solution offering, D-Graphic1Link 2U Wall Mount DVR enclosure is specially designed for CCTV Applications. NWR-2U-5040-GR-U enclosure from D-Link is fabricated with CRCA steel, is CNC programmed, while it is punched, bended, welded and powder coated with highest quality standards. Further the security encryption prevents unauthorized users from connecting to your network. Also its welded frame is integrated with side walls and vented top cover comes with fan mounting provision. The rear side of the enclosure has wall mounting provision, and has front toughened tinted glass door with lock and key that provide both visibility and security.


Parameters                                        Details

Construction                                     Welded Frame

Front Door                                        Lockable Toughened Glass Door

Basic Frame                                          Steel

Equipment Mounting                    Standard Slots

Mounting Angle                             19” Mounting angles made                                                                  of  formed steel

Standard Finish                             Powder Coated

Top and Bottom Cover                Welded to Frame, Vented                                                                       and Field Cable entry                                                                           exit cut outs

Standard Color                                Grey

Static Load                                 20 Kgs.

Estimated street price: Rs. 2000/-                                                 Warranty: 2 years                                                                                     High resolution product image: As attached