Cyber-security is Crucially Important for the Growth of New Digital India

In this current pandemic situation, the entire system of workflow has been forced to undergo a massive change from desk-job to remote working and digitalization. All the organizations and enterprises have reformed and changed their policies and working structure. Among the many sectors even BFSI has significantly reduced it’s offline operations and are urging the customers to use online services for any type of assistance. Mostly 70% of the compnay already had a digital transformation in place or were working towards one. The process of digitalization is growing among the companies, industries and different geographoc locations. Our lives are completely impacted by Internet maybe it be basic needs or luxury. With growing digital usage, the hacking community is becoming stronger than ever. There is an urgent need of developing proper hacking tools which can provide complete security and protection. The only way to stop it’s path is by improving and developing Cyber-security.
According to the reports, by 2024 Indian data center market is expected to reach approximate values of approximately $4 billion. The modern technological concepts such as digitization, automation, AI, cloud, social media, blockchain, IoT, and many more are developing at an incessant pace and as a result completely exposing the data and the other critical resources of an organization.
With Internet, becoming such an integral part of our lives the critical data and information are constantly at the risk of getting exposed and breached. Cyber-security is one of the most serious challenges that is being faced worldwide. Mostly the attacks happen due to human error such as clicking on malicious links, opening an attachment which contains malware , entering credentials in the fraudulent page, and using weak passwords. A strong cyber-security strategy is very important to keep our data safe and secure. One should use network firewalls, update software regularly, set up strong passwords and use multi-factor authentication.
Mr. Prashanth G JCEO at TechnoBind said that the current pandemic situation has forced everyone to stay remotely connected which opens path for the hackers to exploit the personal networks and computers easily which might not have a strong protection. Data is stored digitally for convenience and better utility but the digital format of data increases the risk of breaching by multiple times. It is very important for the organizations to focus equally on the systems and networks as well as the security tools and technologies. Also government support is needed with stricter guidelines keeping in mind the emerging threats and strictly implementing those guidelines for a better and safe network of the country.
Cyber-security is mandatory for the local, state, and central governments as these organizations store a large amount of critical data and records  which are related to the country and its citizens. Cyber-security is of utmost importance when the country is stepping towards a cashless society and digitization.  With advancement in technology, hackers are gaining new paths for exploitation. Apparently there are “state-sponsored” hackers who are switching to cyber-crimes as a form of silent warfare as it is cheaper, faster and much easier than traditional conflict.