“Customers’ perception moved on from purpose driven products to fashionable wear to match the outfit. – Mr. Sanjeev Singh, Co-Founder and CEO (AQFiT)”

"Customers' perception moved on from purpose driven products to fashionable wear to match the outfit. - Mr. Sanjeev Singh, Co-Founder and CEO (AQFiT)"

"Customers' perception moved on from purpose driven products to fashionable wear to match the outfit. - Mr. Sanjeev Singh, Co-Founder and CEO (AQFiT)"

Here’s the interview snippet from the interaction with Mr. Sanjeev Singh, Co-Founder and CEO (AQFiT)

Khushagra: Starting off, tell us about your journey building up AQFiT from scratch?

Sanjeev: Founded in 2019, AQFiT with a business philosophy to build smart devices that bring a healthier lifestyle to users across the globe. Core value is innovation leading to quality user experience while providing a cost-effective solution to make it affordable for the masses.

Khushagra: What was your initial aim behind diving into the technology lifestyle segment?

Sanjeev: Customers’ perception moved on from purpose driven products to fashionable wear to match the outfit. There has been a surge of popularity in wearable technology, especially smartwatches. Budget smart watches provide us with the ability to monitor our fitness activity and give users the access to all notifications like messages, daily reminders, and social media updates that arrive instantly from the wrist without the need of taking out the phone. Apart from all this, there are several features available in the smartwatch. Smart watches have become companions of smartphones and affordable prices have changed the customer’s interest from niche to masses.

Khushagra: This sector will always have scope for new improvements and innovations, what does the roadmap look like for AQFit?

Sanjeev: AQFiT gains edge over competition by leveraging its recent collaboration with DeepNordic ApS – a Denmark based Technology Giant. DeepNordic with state of the art R&D facility has gained mastery over the years in developing Smart Wearables. With the help of strategic technology partnership, AQFiT aims to Integrate technology with lifestyle, improvised health tracking, efficient way to handle day-day tasks and precedence of overall customer experience by eliminating the need to physically touch the smartphone.

Khushagra: Tell us a little something about one of your best products that you offer, and what makes it unique from all the other competitive products offered in the market?

Sanjeev: AQFiT W16 is all set to hit the market by the end of June 22. This device comes with a  1.69” HD IPS display, packed with dedicated sensors for Heart Rate & SpO2 for reliable output. Add the App Experience and the first product to support i.e. W16

Khushagra: Apart from the current line of products, is AQFiT planning to enter or launch some new tech products in any different category?

Sanjeev: Bluetooth headsets are the first consumer wearable devices and still by far the most sold wearable. Due to the rise of affordable smartphones, low data cost, availability of content and streaming, phones and computers are now the top two devices used to listen to music and Earwear is the best way to listen to music from your personal device. We are planning to launch personal audio categories in Q3.


Khushagra: AQFiT has entered into the Nepal market as well, what other countries are you targeting to enter as a part of global expansion plan?

Sanjeev: We at AQFiT are looking to reach the next level of growth by establishing our presence in new countries across the globe. Entering overseas markets allows faster growth for businesses. By extending the businesses global footprint, new audiences experience our products, could lead to further expansions. By the end of 2022, We shall have our presence across UAE, KSA, SriLanka, Bangladesh & other neighboring countries through Online & Offline platforms.

Khushagra: Return on Investment is what a customer looks out for when buying a product, if you could mention how AQFiT manages in terms of after sales support and how important it is to keep on providing best services

Sanjeev: Customer service is very important to any business because it retains customers and extracts more value from them By providing top-notch customer service, businesses recoup customer acquisition costs and cultivate a loyal following. We are proud to say that AQFiT is the first Indian brand in its segment to introduce a customer friendly process which aims to solve end- end user issues by trouble shooting over call or arrange for a hassle-free Pick & Drop service at customers door step ensuring a coverage across far & wide of India.

Khushagra: Atmanirbhar Bharat and Make In India Movement are two of the greatest initiatives by Government of India, if you could share your opinions and insights on how it is to all the businesses and to the end consumers as well?

Sanjeev: Make in India has come with lots of benefits and advantages for the Indian Economy. Companies from across the globe made a huge investment in the Make in India project, and have thrived successfully, making India a hub for the manufacturing companies. As a result, we see an increase in Job opportunities, Innovation in young minds, Expand GDP, Fortify the value of INR against USD and most importantly the flow of Funds. Inline to the vision of our Hon. PM (Make In India), the new budget has freed import duties on smartwatch SKD’s and We at AQFiT will support Make In India Initiative by getting products manufactured in India.


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