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Curofy Downloads Goes Three Folds With Launching News Feed Feature Resulting A Server Crash

Three days post launching its new news feed feature, Curofy, a medical networking app for doctors witnessed a curofyserver crash due to a tremendous jump in the number of downloads and high engagement of doctors on the application.

Every minute, Curofy received nearly 600 requests from over 100 users and 5 new users were signing up per minute. Due to high level of engagement, the systems went out of memory (RAM) serving the requests which involve lot of computation for getting the personalized and credible information and other verification processes. The outrage lasted for 10 minutes as their team immediately fixed the issue.

Sharing his experience, Mr. Harsha Tanguturi, Lead backend Engineer, Curofy said, “Having witnessed this break down, Curofy now has developed an infrastructure which can handle upto 50 times more requests. Also, the team has placed systems to automatically scale the infrastructure i.e. roll out machines as the traffic grows in place to handle extra traffic.”

Within 2-3 days of launch of the new news feature last week, the application has taken a huge leap and has received about 700 registrations. This event proved to be extremely unusual for a networking application dedicated for doctors.

Commenting on the situation, Mr. Pawan Gupta, Co-founder, Curofy said, “Middle of the last week we launched our News feature to provide comprehensive daily news digest to doctors in their areas of interest. Monday, our traffic suddenly tripled and boom our server just went down. It’s every startup’s delight to have this problem. We are glad to have it so soon. Now we can go back and build upon it.”

Curofy recently launched a news feature which aims at changing the way the medical industry reaches out to doctors. Since, Curofy delivers an extremely high level of engagement with doctors, various healthcare stakeholders are able to digitally engage this community with targeted content based on indicated interest areas of doctors through the app.