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Crayon unveils new corporate logo

Crayon, a global leader in digital transformations, announced today the start of its new corporate brand identity that better reflects its service-oriented approach in helping customers’ journey into the cloud while ensuring that their IT estates are rightsized, managed and optimized.

“I think that the new logo is fantastic,” said Crayon co-founder Rune Syversen. “We’re in the middle of a transformation as a company and moving toward more service-oriented, cloud-based solutions and we want a brand that resonates with what we’re doing and the people behind our innovations.”

Crayon collaborated with leading advertising firm, Try, to develop a concept called “Norwegian modern.”

“Translating that to a visual communication it meant less is more, it’s clean and simple easy to understand, everything you need and nothing you don’t,” said lead designer Erling Andersen.

The new logo is part of Crayon’s new corporate brand identity that will be rolled out over the next several months.

Crayon has a customer-first and vendor-agnostic advisory approach so that clients can select the best solutions for their business needs and budget. Its framework of reliable services based on industry standards and best-practice methodologies in cloud and software are complemented by an award-winning big data, AI, Machine Learning and IoT practice.

Crayon’s deep expertise in all these areas unlocks the potential of IT and innovation, creating true business value.

“We have a great new look and feel that will allow us to create a unique identity in the market,” said Tor Ødegaard, Crayon Group Marketing Director. “The new visual identity expresses Crayon’s high quality people, products and services.”