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CP Plus Presents A Video Surveillance Gedget”IP VILLA KIT”

CP PLUS presents a video surveillance gadget, IP VILLA CP_PlusKIT that matches the security needs of your home. Comprising stellar features; the Smart Villa Kit Video Door Phone System works as a perfect combination of video door phone and home security.

Aditya Khemka, Managing Director, CP PLUS India said, “IP VILLA KIT is a quantum leap in the domain of video surveillance in the country. The excellent features of this gadget are designed in order to solve all the security issues of individuals and companies. This recent addition, like our range of devices aims to bring a sea change in how security matters are handled today, revolutionizing the whole video surveillance market.”

The IP VILLA KIT is easy to use with its simple controls on its touchscreen interface. It consists of two components Indoor unit, 7” Touch Resistive touch screen for installation inside the home and Outdoor unit 1.3MP Camera unit with doorbell to be fitted in the outdoor area. Its superlative specifications include video talk on intercom, smartphone calling support, security and alarms. One of the most interesting and useful features of the product is that, it allows users to unlock the door from their smartphones and make a call to the visitor. In case of no response from the user, the system prompts the visitor to leave an audio or video message.

Apart from this, the gadget offers connectivity with 6 sensors and 1 alarm output. With its Auto Image Capture feature, it clicks visitor’s image as soon as the bell is pressed.