“CORPORATE CONNECT 2018”organized by Cyber Shoppe at Jaipur

Mr. Raj Kumar Bhatt,Regional Sales Manager Lenovo

On 23rd of August Cyber Shoppe along with sponsors Lenovo and Logitech organised event “Corporate  Connect 2018”.The agenda was to invite their corporate clients and create a connect among  all.

As expected received a wonderful response from guests and the audience head count was above 100. Most of senior management or C level person from organizations attended this event. During the intro session all corporate’s representatives introduced themselves with their business core function & expertise.

Mr. Jaiprakash Sharma,Technical sales Manager,Cyber Shoppe

During presentation session of organisers Lenovo, Logitech and Cyber Shoppe introduces their current technologies and future technology plans. Lenovo has come up with new range of light weight & fast laptop series, Desktop computers and tablets. Also explained about how Lenovo is improving their technology for their users.

Mr.Varun Nair,,B2B Product Manager Logitech.

Logitech showed how they are the leader in video conferencing technologies and they have solution for all kind and size of video conferencing requirement. Also Logitech is aggressively developing and implementing artificial intelligence in day to day work of official work, which is more effective and cost savings for organizations.                                                                              

Cyber Shoppe is now working on more into solution based business, it makes easier for organizations to get complete IT solutions at one stop. Cyber shoppe has tied up with many OEMs for providing a large range of products and services for all SMB and enterprise businesses. It has solutions for all categories in IT Infrastructure.