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Cooler Master Announces V Series power Supply unit

Cooler Master, a leading creator, innovator and Cooler mastermanufacturer of desktop components and more, today released the highly-efficient and powerful V Series Power Supplies in India. The new series will be made available in two wattages as of now, namely 650W & 750W to cater to the growing demand of mid to high-end graphics cards.

The 3D circuit design does away with unnecessary cables and uses full module boards for cross connection resulting in lower crosstalk and signal noise. This ensures a better power output which also boosts efficiency whereas other PSUs lose efficiency due to cable signal loss. The 3D circuit design also improves heat dissipation in a compact design as there is little heat generated in comparison to cable signals. Excessive ripple or noise can damage components such as capacitors and cause system degradation. This exclusive design ensures the PSU performs at its best and has minimal interference without signal loss.

With the implementation of the high-performance SilencioFP fan by Cooler Master, the PSUoperates quietly yet efficiently lowering fan RPM by up to 35 per cent even under 100 per cent load. 100% Japanese 105C high quality capacitors ensure an extended lifetime delivering excellent performance. Clean, stable voltages lead to less stress on valuable components extending the computer system’s life and reducing instability while gaming or working. The V series come with fully modular flat ribbon cables for easy cable routing using only the cables one needs allowing users to have neater-looking installations.

LLC, DC to DC topology is a technology designed to provide flat, constant output voltage thereby stabilizing the varying voltage. The V series also have received the industry standard 80PLUS Gold and Platinum ratings, a test that compares the quality and efficiency of power supplies in the market. The Gold and Platinum Guarantee ratings come with a 5-year warranty and the V 1200 Platinum comes with a 7-year warranty by Cooler Master.

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