Consumer Electronics Show 2019- Tech Highlights

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Consumer Electronic Show 2019, the biggest tech spectacle in the tech domain kicked off on Tuesday 8th of January with complete grandeur and esteem. The show is staged every year by Consumer Technology Association (CTA) at a grand venue in Las Vegas.

The show houses a 2.75 million net square feet of exhibit space with eleven venues and 24 product categories. Unlike other consumer shows, CES is open only for the electronics trade members, journalists, bloggers, and other media personalities.

The tech space waits all year for this spectacular event to happen where world’s best tech disruptors present their innovations that can potentially transform the consumer world.

While the expo hosts n number of products and budding technologies which are displayed at the venue, few of the products always stand out even among the best.

Here are my top technology picks from CES 2019

The all-new Google Assistant’s Interpreter Mode

What does the world’s ruling tech giant do with its best in class virtual assistant? It juices it up with stuff that literally seems to be landed from the future. After Google Translate performing exceptionally well, Google’s interpreter mode brings the ability to translate live voices into different languages. Like most other developments from Google, the interpreter mode also sports the highest degree of accuracy and convenience.

Tytocare’s telehealth kit

The all-in-one health analysis kit comes with industry-best sensors such as camera, otoscope, tongue depressor, and stethoscope for a convenient in-home health evaluation. The company has also developed a mobile app to help the person with medical assessment and to record short videos for expert analysis. The kit is very precise and a great help for parents and local practitioners.

Flexible display

The future of smartphone displays goes flexible with Chinese maker Royole comes abode with its fully flexible AMOLED smartphone called the FlexPai. Originally working like an 8-inch tablet, the device operates like a full-display phone once folded into half.

Honda Dream Drive

Honda’s Dream Drive in-vehicle experience aims to gamify travel

The CES 2019 marked the unveiling of Honda’s new Dream Drive innovation, aimed to deliver a revamped in-vehicle experience. The integration brings an unending list of web-based services to the driver and passengers without bothering them to physically search their requirement.

Nvidia announces the GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card

Nvidia comes up with its much-anticipated RTX 2060 this year. The much-awaited mid-range power-house is all set to take over company’s previous gaming masterpiece, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Ti.

Intel’s first 10nm processors

CES 2019 finally marked the announcement of Intel’s first, real 10nm processors. Furthermore, there’s not just one but multiple versions of the 10nm chip such as Ice Lake, LakeField and Cascade Lake server chips to name a few.

HTC Cosmos

HTC finally announced its Cosmos headset on the second day of CES 2019. However, the product will take a while to reach the consumer market. Meanwhile, HTC looks to launch its Vive Pro Eye and Viveport Infinity games pass subscription service for hardcore VR gaming experience.


So these were some of the tech innovations that probably stole the show at Las Vegas. Will post the day wise highlight in the coming posts.