“Confidence of Channel Partners in Intex Mobile is our key Strength”: Mr. Sujith Rayirath, Sr. Manager, Intex Mobile

Mr. Sujith Rayirath, Sr. Manager, Intex Mobile

INTEX LOGO-500x500Intex Mobile has achieved yet another milestone in Rajasthan. The company has done a business of Rs. 12 crore in last month in Rajasthan. This has been possible due to constant guidance and leadership of Mr. Sujith Rayirath, Sr. Manager, Intex Mobile. IT Voice had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Sujith Rayirath, the game changer. Below mentioned are the excerpts from the interview.

What do you think were the key factors that contributed to the success story of Intex Mobile in Rajasthan?

Mr. Sujith Rayirath, Sr. Manager, Intex Mobile
Mr. Sujith Rayirath, Sr. Manager, Intex Mobile

Mainly there were like 3-4 factors that changed our picture in Rajasthan. Firstly I would say increasing our penetration in tier 2 and tier 3 cities with our fantastic products. Secondly, when Samsung moved their focus from feature based phones to smart phones, a vacuum was created. Intex Mobile grabbed this opportunity. Their withdrawal was followed by our entry. Thirdly, recently we have started focusing on smartphones. Owing to this, we have mobile phones ranging from 900/- to 14,000/-. This has helped to target all kinds of audience.

Most important factor will be the support of Mr. Narendra Bansal, MD, Intex Technologies and Mr. Sanjay Kumar Kalirona, GM, Intex Technologies, who guided all along right from clearing the past issues be it price issues or service issues.

What is the key strength or USP of the company?                   

The key strength of Intex Mobile lies in our channel partners. Intex Mobile has managed to do a business of Rs. 12 crore/- only because of the confidence of channel partners in Intex. Few years back business of Intex Mobile in Rajasthan was not very encouraging. But thanks to the vision and quick decision making of our management, all the issues of our channel partners were resolved in the state. This was done at the stake of our business. This move generated loads of confidence in our channel partners.

Also, our product quality is another USP. The good product quality has resulted in fewer complaints. Also, Intex provides fastest claim settlement.

When it comes to Indian brands, after –sales service is a major issue faced by customers at large. How different is Intex in this respect?

After sales service is an area that gets major focus from Intex Mobile division. In this cut throat competition era, our after sales service model provides us a major relief. As mentioned earlier, we have 46 service centers across Rajasthan. Our service ratio is the lowest. 80% of the complaints have 3 days TAT.

How is the channel approach of the company?

Intex Mobile has a very channel friendly approach. We have 70 partners in state. Out of which 17 are direct partners and remaining are indirect ones.  All over India, Intex Mobile has somewhere around 400 direct partners. We plan to increase the no. from 400 to 1000 in near future.

Can you throw some light on the e-waste facility of Intex mobile?

Intex Mobile has a dedicated team whose whole and sole concern is to manage the e-waste generated.  We have tied up with Attero Recycling for this purpose. It’s an authorized party by Govt of India that takes care of the e-waste. We have collection points all over country. From here it goes to our HO and taken care of.

What are the future plans of the division?

We are planning to launch somewhere around 20 odd new models by Diwali. Plus we have many plans to increase the brand presence all over country by conducting many more events in the near future. Our association with our Brand ambassador Farhan Akhtar is also giving us mileage.