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Computer Traders –Rajasthan United Against Microsoft

373151_207833549276539_1603532984_nThe computer market has been affected by the repressive policies of Microsoft. The company has been torturing and threatening computer traders and customers of Rajasthan from last few years.  The company has made it compulsory that the customers have to buy genuine Microsoft products which are as costly as Rs. 30,000.  The company made another blow to the computer market when Microsoft along with the help of police targeted a businessman by arresting him. The action was taken without informing the RCTA.It is to be to notice over here that RCTA has been working closely with Microsoft team to educate End Customers and Channels about Licensed Software. According to sources, there has been an understanding between RCTA and Microsoft legal team that before taking any action against any of their members, the company will take “RCTA “ in confidence to help resolve the issues. But this understanding was clearly violated yesterday’s arrest.In protest of this coward and repressive act of Microsoft, RCTA announced a bandh of 1 day on 21st May, 2013. The protest was carried out in all parts of Rajasthan. The movement against the dictums of Microsoft was fully supported by the businessmen of Rajasthan.

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It has been appealed by the Computer Traders in collaboration of RCTA that Government of Rajasthan should the matters in its hand and brings out a fruitful solution for this issue.

It has been declared by Computer Traders that until further notice all the tradesmen will boycott all the products of Microsoft and will not sell any of the company’s products.