Competition doesn’t drive our pricing at no time, our customer satisfaction does – Mr. Saif Ahmad, Founding CEO, Hallwaze Inc

“In an exclusive interview with ITVoice, Mr. Saif Ahmad, Founding CEO, Hallwaze Inc, reveals his strategies for business in India…„

Saif-Ahmad-president-and-COO-Xavient-Information-SystemsITVoice :- Tell us more about Hallwaze.

Mr. Saif Ahmad:- Hallwaze, a modern communication platform, acts like a smart leader who knows how to encourage effective collaboration in an organization, identify employees’ skill sets, help in the exchange of ideas, put decisions into action, and produce a more satisfied workforce.

Hallwaze Inc. is a provider of a cloud-based rich, interactive, social and super secure collaboration & messaging platform for enterprises. It is packed with intensive capabilities for content and document sharing, comprehensive wikis for users, shared spaces and groups. Users can engage with others using several features such as – like, comment, shares, follow, private conversations etc. The application offers an all-in-one, secure, cloud-based social platform, which is accessible via mobile devices and computers. Hallwaze with its unique set of features such as intelligent profiling, contextual intelligence, content feed, recommendations, and integrations makes it stay ahead of other communication platforms in the market.

ITVoice:- What is the present position of Hallwaze in the International Market?

Mr. Saif Ahmad:- Hallwaze has created a niche space for itself where it comes as complete collaboration and marketing suite. There are lot of over hyped platforms which are just isolated messaging systems or isolated document systems. Hallwaze due to its ‘made for enterprise’ design brings all enterprise communication at one place, making it meaningful. We have good presence in North America. India is our largest market with largest user base, serving some of the major telecom, media and banking corporates.

ITVoice:- In this present market scenario how do you manage prices of your Products?

Mr. Saif Ahmad:- We are committed to change the employee engagement style and space, focused on solving the enterprise communication problem. In India, we are supportive of startup culture and thus, offer the platform for free to them. We do not want cash sensitive startups to spend money on maintaining intranet and document stores. For SMEs and large enterprises, they pay as they go. Competition doesn’t drive our pricing at no time, our customer satisfaction does.

ITVoice:- What are the benefits which Hallwaze gives its users & how it is different from other Software Companies?

Mr. Saif Ahmad:- Hallwaze increases productivity by allowing teams to interact with free flowing exchange of ideas; work on documents collectively and share best practices. It helps you to curb loss of time in meetings; follow up meetings etc. Most communication mediumHallwaze that enterprises use is linear cascade, waterfall model. You mark it to the most likely actors and hope that they in turn know who to route to and then aggregate back. Hallwaze helps you to discover talent and put it right there, where you need it.
Through Hallwaze, employee knowledge becomes social enterprise. It captures the flow of information and aggregates and is shared within the everything relevant to a subject; updates you automatically and finds the info with a click. Unlike other platforms, it’s not a dumping place for data. Hallwaze is a contextually intelligent platform, connecting the right dots of data and presenting the meaningful & useful picture of information.

ITVoice:- What steps are Hallwaze taking for satisfaction of their users?

Mr. Saif Ahmad:- We make sure that the end product provided is of the finest quality and gives nothing but satisfaction to the customers, we divide our product deliverable into four phases, consisting of product demonstration, pricing solutions, understanding business needs and existing company culture, taking care of customization requests, if any; execution of launch strategy, gamification, measuring activity, sharing monthly reports with clients. All in all, not shying away from the walkthrough with client on every stage. We hand hold our client during the entire phase of adoption.

ITVoice:- What are your business plans in this upcoming financial year?

Mr. Saif Ahmad:- In development, integrations and data intelligence will be our core focus in 2017. Making integrations with legacy systems seamless to bring data onto one platform is another focus area for this year.
With influx of huge data in every enterprise, we are fine tuning our contextual intelligence engine to provide further accurate and tailored information. We are working towards ‘If it’s on your mind, It’s on your screen’. A lot of work in automation of business workflows for various industry vertical will also be completed in the upcoming financial year. In business, we are looking to expand beyond North America and India. Australia, Japan and Germany will be our core focus countries.

ITVoice:- After foundation of Hallwaze in 2014 what is growth graph of your company?

Mr. Saif Ahmad:- We have seen a steady growth of 10% YoY for consecutive years. Startups in India have been instrumental in fueling our growth in India. In 2017 we have plan to double it by expanding to other regions in APAC and Europe.

ITVoice:- Where do you see your company in Indian Market?

Mr. Saif Ahmad:- Internal communication platforms, collaboration and messaging suites were in their nascent stage in Indian market. Off-late, Indian Market is catching up on these suites and understanding the benefits of employee engagement and social sharing within enterprises. We have seen very good traction in last quarter especially in Bangalore, Pune and Gurgaon. A lot of startups signed up with us. The future looks pretty optimistic. We are looking to establish ourselves as market leader in enterprise collaboration and messaging space in 3 years’ time in India.

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