is a Canadian company established in Bangalore India where for the past 8 years, we have been designing, developing and manufacturing VOIP hardware. Our product portfolio includes:

Digital/Analog Telephony Cards, VOIP Gateways (PRI, BRI Analog), Hybrid PBX systems (IP with PRI/BRI/FXS-FXO), IP phones and ATAs. We also have a security division called through which we deliver STMs (SIP threat Managers), UTMs (United threat managers) and SBCs (Session Border Controllers). is making itself noticed in this already crowded industry not only by offering quality hardware at very competitive pricing, but mainly through innovation. We are by far the most dynamic VOIP hardware manufacturer offering an umbrella of products to cover most SoHo and SMB requirements.

Recently we have launched the ONLY E1/T1 PRI card carrying both PCI and PCIe interfaces. This unique, never before seen feature sets apart from the competition and shows the scope, focus and what to expect from them: Innovation. The innovative design facilitates stocking issues for all channel partners, now they only keep 1 card in stock instead of 2. It also gives the customer the flexibility to alternate between both interfaces.

“ is happy to be working with expanding companies, in developing Economies. To partner with VOIC NETWORKS PVT.LTD.  in India is definitely a step in the right direction for us.  As a National distributor for India, VOIC NETWORKS  PVT. LTD. will be providing presales & post sales support to ALLO’s Channel partners and Customers” said Andre M Strul, Chief Marketing Officer,

We will be showcasing new products during: Convergence India -2014 from January 21st-23rd 2014, Booth No- B78


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