Colorful unveils iGame 780-3GD5

Right after the launch of iGame Kudan 780, Colorful Technology finally releases its iGame 780-3GD5 graphic card. It continued the important features of iGame family — adopting one-key overclocking, high quality IPP inductor and SPT (Silver Plating Technology). Although the performance of iGame 780 is under iGame Kudan, yet the performance of Game 780 is 17% better than GTX 780 reference card, especially while playing AAA title games.

The brand new iGame780-3GD5 package design

With one-key over clocking, iGame 780-3GD5, the core clock is set for 1006 MHz and memory clock for 6008MHz, the performance is 17% better than the reference card GTX780.

image003 image004 image006 image007 image008

Referenced from aerodynamics design and using three 9CM super cooling fans, the cooling solution can efficiently reduce the heat from 1.1GHz high frequency.

The numbers of iGame 780-3GD5 heat pipes are three times more than the reference card. With six heat pipes which can reduce the temperature of the chipsets.

12+2 phase power design with high quality i.P.P inductor and solid state capacitor, providing powerful over clocking ability.

8 pin + 8 pin power connectors to provide stable electric supply.

Integrated with 3GB memory 384-bit memory interface

2mm thick insulated steel plate are strong enough to avoid PCB bending.

Dual DVI-D ports, 1 HDMI port and 1 Display Port to fulfill different needs.

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