Colorful Group launched a 6 in 1 3G WI-FI router with 5200mAh power bank CW5200

Currently, Colorful officially released a model CW5200 with a 6 in 1 3G WIFI router & power pack design, which is going forward power bank and 3G wifi router market. This device has 80mm height only and less than a credit card height, but has six features: portable charger, 150Mbps wireless speed, 3G WIFI router, data storage, AP travel router. The appearance adapted the most popular champagne gold color, original Samsung 5200mAh lithium battery capacity, supply input and output 5A 1A. It is not only a router but a portable charger as well, supporting CDMA2000, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA 3G mainstream network.

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Considering the majority of hotel network to get IP address automatically, we design this product default as the AP (wireless access point) mode. It is popular with travelers and businessmen on trip. Accessing the hotel wifi by plug and play, don’t need other adapters. The Wifi Driver adaptors is also a great tool for setting up a shared internet connection by multiple wireless devices such as notebooks, smart phones or tablets, smart watches, computers and other devices to the Internet in a hotel, office or any place where only one Internet connection is available.

About sharing data, Colorful CW5200 is not only plug the TF card, but U disks as well. The TF cards and U disks can become readily when Android & Apple users install the ES browers and TIOD software respectively.

Comparing to ordinary 3G routers, Colorful CW5200 configured 32M DDRII dual channel caching to optimize the antenna on the PCB area, which enhanced the number of network connections and data through the inside MAX signal chip and MAX antenna efficiency.

Colorful Group introduced that WIFI Driver Adaptor would finish the first mass production at the end of November and offer the competitive retail price.