Cognegix: Success Story of a Tally Xcelerator

Translating an idea that was put together by the various stakeholders at Tally for enablement of its partner community and extending the advisory services to support the SMEs in general to build their capability for enhanced growth and performance, was the premise behind launching the Tally Xcelerator (TX) Program. A pioneer in the business software products arena, Tally’s simple yet powerful products have been revolutionizing the way businesses run for over 30 years. Tally is synonymous with going digital for Small and Medium businesses in India, and understands the challenges this segment faces in day-to-day operations.

Since its launch last year, the program has played the role of a catalyst that helps in accelerated growth of the partners by guiding them in formulating and executing their business plans, handholding them in resourcing and resource capability building, providing consulting services to enhance their sales performance and advising them to build their enterprise for future growth and success. One such TX partner that has had remarkable success over the last few months is Cognegix. In the initial stages of its journey, Cognegix a TX partner in Mumbai, invested significant amount of time building deeper connect with the partners, ensuring all interactions and decisions are made after establishing a personal bond and trust. The uniquely designed TX launch event in Mumbai in February last year helped Cognegix break the ice and build instant connect with its partners. This was immediately followed by personal one-on-one meetings with each of the partners, to listen to them and to understand their operating context and their specific challenges, issues and explicit expectations. These interactions not only led to the formulation of customized solutions suited to the individual and collective needs of the Partners, but also instilled a confidence in the partners that their needs are looked after. Cognegix conducted customized sales workshops for the resources and quasi-consulting sales management sessions for the partners. It also designed business plan execution sessions to help guide the partners on the way forward and delivered goal setting sessions to define business priorities.

Under the TX program, two types of services are offered to businesses – Basic Services and Business Advisory Services. Access to basic services which include resource management, training, assessment, acquisition of new clients etc. are at no charge. Businesses looking to avail advisory services can do so at a nominal cost. They can customize the services on the basis of their requirements or select a pre-packaged pack. Advisory services include mentoring and coaching, improved access to finance, improved organizational culture and industry best practices to improve growth and productivity.

Cognegix strengthened its Basic Services operations with a multi-pronged hiring solution and planned assessment training. It also launched ‘The Sutradhar’, a monthly newsletter for the partners to share knowledge, insights, best practices and success stories.

Cognegix is presently gearing up to setup its TX operations in UP-East to be launched in June. A critical geography having huge potential for the growth, Cognegix is devising its Basic and Advisory services portfolio to the specific needs of the Region, catering to both the short and long term business plan. The next stop for Cognegix in its TX initiatives is to extend these services to SMEs within and outside the Tally ecosystem. They have been working to create specific Product, Business, Marketing, Finance and Human Resources advisory solutions for the SMEs through a panel of seasoned consultants and industry practitioners.

Within a span of three months of starting the TX operations in Mumbai, Cognegix has been very well received by multiple stakeholders. It has conducted approximately 25 sessions and is currently servicing a base of 300 partners, GSTPs, system integrators and other channels. It has achieved commendable success in setting up the Basic Services and has been making inroads into Advisory Services, through well thought-out plans, disciplined execution and a credible team of sales and capability building experts, seasoned technical and behavioral skills trainers and senior consultants with SME specific expertise. Cognegix aims to play a significant role as a TX for Tally in its journey of growth and success in years to come by engaging with its Partner community and SMEs across the country.

Currently there are 25 TX partners across Pan-India, who are dedicated to carrying forward the vision of the program to all regions. In addition to assisting them in accessing business development services and facilitating their access to finance, the program also allows for networking opportunities and connecting entrepreneurs.