October 28, 2020

CoFare.io and Freedom.Desi Announce Strategic Partnership at Collision Conference

Two fast growing start-ups announced a strategic partnership that resulted from their meeting at the Collision Conference happened this week in New Orleans, U.S. New York based CoFare.io, a platform that has been described as Pinterest with commissions, which allows merchants to post their offerings on the platform to a social sales force, and Freedom.Desi, the leading India Retail-tech company that connects offline retailers with online customers said they are partnering to bring more opportunities to both companies’ customers.
Where Freedom.Desi makes everyday shopping more personal and rewarding, while building connected retail worldwide, CoFare.io seamlessly extends the Freedom.Desi shopper experience and expands the retailer’s ability to increase sales while growing a larger customer base,” said Yogesh Huja, Founder and CEO of Freedom.Desi. “We are very excited about this partnership!
CoFare.io enhances the Freedom.Desi shoppers’ experience while adding a virtual sales force for their retailers by harnessing the power of their shoppers’ personal recommendations. There is natural synergy where CoFARE.io adds a FinTech component to Freedom.Desi which ultimately expands both of our companies’ reach,” said Tim Flaherty, Founder and CEO of CoFare.io.
The pair of CEOs said that the work on the partnership is set to begin immediately with a planned rollout to the retailers and customers in India this Summer. Freedom.Desi retailers will begin seeing the ability to add incentivized selling opportunities, and India-based customers will also have the opportunity, for the first time in the country’s history, to be able to make money on sales for those retailers as they begin posting on their social media sites via the CoFare.io platform.
This is exactly what the Collision Conference is about. These two great start-up companies from different corners of the world had never met prior to this week, yet they leave New Orleans excited about their partnership. We look forward to seeing their future success together,” said Paddy Griffith, Collision Conference.