Clover Infotech Successfully Wraps 2015 With Modern Cloud Solutions For Indian Enterprises

Clover Infotech, a leading IT Services company through their knowledge series ‘The Leap’, confidently showcased CLOVER_LOGO (1)their capabilities to escalate their clients to Oracle 12c – the new age DBMS for Cloud. Clover’s capabilities showcase how ‘Database management is easing with modern cloud solutions’ through successful Oracle 12c deployments. One of the key highlights of Oracle 12c is its multitenant architecture that facilitates seamless consolidation of existing databases to the cloud without hampering the organization’s existing applications. This multitenant architecture leads to:-

Reduced TCO
Improved Resource Utilization
Enhanced Service Management
The multitenant architecture utilizes pluggable databases or sub-databases within a single consolidated database with reduced downtime. The online upgradation to Oracle 12 helps customers stay abreast with all the developments happening in Oracle for 12c. Optimized on SPARC and Intel® Xeon® processors, the Oracle 12c boasts of 500 additional features.

Iterating on the importance of upgrading to Oracle 12c, Deepesh Upadhye, Vice President – Technology, Clover Infotech, commented, “Out of the many benefits, organizations would be able to leverage the enhanced database architecture, added and enriched features across Oracle 12c, could easily and quickly upgrade to latest versions, ensure simplified database management and consolidation, and most importantly, have Oracle support over a longer period. This timely move will surely enable organizations to manage their data better and grow more efficiently.”