Cloud, Internet Security and Digital Marketing Veterans at the “Web & Cloud Expo 2018” Jaipur

! The “Web and Cloud Expo 2018” was held at Hotel Marriott, Tonk Road, Jaipur, in which renowned companies of the country displayed their products and services. Industry experts from the Internet Security, Cloud and Digital Marketing arenas enlightened the audience with their sessions on the popular topics of Cloud, Internet Security and Digital Marketing. Jaipur’s EverData Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was the main organizer of this Expo. Well known companies such as Go-Daddy, OpenSRS, Crayons, Dot Cloud also collaborated and demonstrated their services and displayed their products at the event. It was a full day event which started from 9:00 am and concluded around 6:30 pm. The program was flagged off with the Welcome Speech from Mr. Apurv Bordia, Director – EverData Technologies, who spoke on the new dimensions forthcoming in the world of technology today. Mr. Akar Periwal irked the curiosity of the gathering with his mention of the age old saying of ‘Prevention is better than cure’ in terms of being well prepared in terms of Internet Security. How can we secure our system? How can we avoid problems coming through the Internet? He said that instead of treating it on a later stage after getting infected, it is wiser enough to protect ourselves well in advance to thoroughly avert such an eventuality. There are ways and means to be protected, the need of the hour is to inculcate the mindset to do it now and keep our systems and ourselves safe, with the help of Internet Security. Sameeran Gupta, Head of ICANN, Delhi, gave an impressive session on how the Internet works and how Domains work. Mr. Ajay Data, Founder Director of Data Infosys, spoke on the benefits of using local languages in Internet communication. He further stressed that it is a big business opportunity for Jaipurites as this business was worth $ 10 million and above and how people could participate in this beneficial business venture. Jaipur’s EverData Technologies Founder Director Naveen Sharma said today the era of Internet is fast becoming a transformer, rapidly changing from offline to online print to digitalization. India is rapidly advancing in the fields of Internet Technology in the whole world. Our engineers and experts have proved their technical expertise the world over, but unfortunately, in our Rajasthan, especially in Jaipur, there is no such progress in the growth momentum as seen in Bangalore, Hyderabad or other cities. The main reason for this is lack of awareness. Looking at this problem we initiated this program called “Web n Cloud Expo” which is a one day Expo on IT technology and to bring awareness of what is going on in the IT world today. He further said that basically in the Web n Cloud Expo, we try to invite such people who are experts in making Internet Security for the Cloud, because nowadays all the people are moving to the Cloud without understanding that Internet Security is a great problem. Online business has started nowadays. There is a lot of talk of e-commerce on social media. To discuss all these subjects, 16 experts from the country have come in our Web n Cloud Expo who will talk about Internet Security & the Cloud all day. Besides this topic, they also discussed on How to increase your business via the Internet? How to keep yourself secure and avoid the problems arising through the Internet? How to start your business through the internet with less money? and other allied topics. Satish Sharma of Crayons from Delhi discoursed on the Cloud, Digital Marketing Expert from Bengaluru Om Thoke talked on the subject of Digital Marketing & Social Media, Ravish of WIPL, Muneesh from ZNet, Devendra Sharda from Pune and Paramveer Singh also addressed the gathered crowd! Non-IT companies also participated in the Web n Cloud Expo 2018. The program was attended by 500 people and many dignitaries from Jaipur were also present at the event.