Citrix extends a helping hand amidst testing times

Citrix has always believed in supporting the communities in which they live and work. Whenever natural disasters have struck in the past, Citrix has figured out ways where the company might be able to help, and the global teams have willingly and generously contributed money and time to these disaster relief efforts that can make a difference in the lives of those affected.

Amidst the ongoing pandemic too, working with their committee of community ambassadors – which comprises of employees across all levels and organizations – Citrix selected 11 charities that provide support in the most critical areas of need and put the full court press on their vendor to vet them.

To support these organizations, Citrix employees were given the opportunity to donate one day’s salary or any amount of their choice in the month of April. The digital workspaces leader also stepped up to match their contributions 2:1.

The drive has successfully helped raise 1.25 Crore, or nearly $165,000 USD. Together with the organizations, Citrix has helped:

15,500 frontline healthcare workers by providing face masks, shields, personal protective equipment and daily lunches
4,000 migrant workers and families in need by providing essentials and cash support for several weeks
800 elderly and individuals with special needs by providing food and medical essentials
450 transgender families by providing relief packages and ration kits
75 waste pickers by providing personal hygiene kits and masks