Citizens of Jaipur have taken an initiative to help the underprivileged but meritorious students pursuing their higher education in the name of ‘shaping future’.

Citizens of Jaipur have taken an initiative to help the underprivileged but meritorious students pursuing their higher education in the name of ‘shaping future’.

“A mission to bridge the gap between donors and beneficiaries.”

Here’s the snippet of interaction with Mr. Anil Khandelwal, Principal Coordinator, FCA, Jaipur

IT Voice: What is shaping future:

Anil Khandelwal: Shaping future is a group of like-minded people who wish to extend their help by financially supporting the weaker section of the society for uplifting the meritorious students who are finding it difficult to pursue higher education for want of money; 

IT Voice: Is it an NGO:

Anil Khandelwal: It is not an NGO nor any organization registered under any law of the land. It is just a group of generous people;

IT Voice: Which streams are covered in shaping future:

Anil Khandelwal: Chartered Accountancy, Medical, Engineering, Law and UPSC examination preparation;

IT Voice: Is it meant for students of private colleges/ institutions:
Anil Khandelwal: It is meant only for students of premier government educational Indian institutions;

IT Voice: How does shaping future help the needy students:

Anil Khandelwal: The donors deposit the tuition and hostel fee for and on behalf of the students;

IT Voice: Is the help on one hundred percent basis;

Anil Khandelwal: The help is in 80:20 ratio. Shaping Future bears 80% of the expenditure;

IT Voice: Is the help in the form of a loan;

Anil Khandelwal: No, it is just a scholarship and not a loan;

IT Voice: Is the help confined to students of Rajasthan only;

Anil Khandelwal: No, this benefit can be availed by any students across the country;

IT Voice: Is the help available to all caste, creed, community and religion;

Anil Khandelwal: Yes, there is no discrimination;

IT Voice: What is the target of shaping future in terms of number of students:

Anil Khandelwal: Shaping future targets for reaching out benefit to students with an upper cap of 10.

IT Voice: How does the student approach for help;

Anil Khandelwal: One can visit our website and apply or can approach us online;

IT Voice: How does shaping future decide the eligibility of the candidates:

Anil Khandelwal: Shaping Future assesses academic, financial, and family record then takes a decision;

IT Voice: Does shaping future provide coaching also:

Anil Khandelwal: Yes, shaping future has roped in ten reputed coaching institutes of all streams who are providing free of cost coaching to our students;

IT Voice: How can a donor approach shaping future:

Anil Khandelwal: A donor can visit our website and can register him/herself;

IT Voice: Has shaping future any Bank account;

Anil Khandelwal: No, it does not have any Bank account.

IT Voice: Then how the funds are raised:

Anil Khandelwal: Shaping future just takes a commitment of minimum Rs.50000/- from the donors who are supposed to deposit the fee as and when the need arises;

IT Voice: Is the donor expected to deposit the donor’s amount in one go;

Anil Khandelwal: No, the donor has to pay in tits bits as per the advice of shaping future committee; 

IT Voice: What are the achievements of this mission in this one year;

Anil Khandelwal: Shaping future has got a corpus of Rs.200.00lakh in just one year and helped 101 students across the country;

IT Voice: Can the donor avail the benefits of CSR and income tax rebate for donation;

Anil Khandelwal: Since the mission is not an NGO hence such benefits are not available. However, the mission has tied up with a reputed NGO who can provide such benefits;

IT Voice: Which are the prime institutes of shaping future students;

Anil Khandelwal: Shaping future students are studying in IIT, NIT, AIIMS, GMCs, NLU and are pursuing CA;

IT Voice: Are the students meritorious:

Anil Khandelwal: Yes, a few students are All India rankers and state rankers in CA and other examinations or largely they have secured more than 90% marks; 

IT Voice: Is there any other plan to extend the facility beyond 100 students;

Anil Khandelwal: In shaping future more students would be taken as and when vacancy arises;

IT Voice: Is there any minimum income criterion of income or marks;

Anil Khandelwal: No, the right to rejection lies with shaping future hence no such criterion is fixed; 

IT Voice: What is shaping future -2:

Anil Khandelwal: Shaping future-2 covers CA, CS, CMA, Medical and Engineering students;

IT Voice: What is hand holding concept in shaping future-2:

Anil Khandelwal: One donor adopts one child, catering to his financial needs till the completion of the education; 

IT Voice: What is the methodology of shaping future-2

Anil Khandelwal: In this scheme, one donor can sponsor one student by bearing educational expenses till he or she graduates:

Medical/ engineering: Rs.4.00lakh over a period of 4 years course;

Chartered Accountancy: Rs.1.00lakh over a period of 3 years course;

Company Secretary/ Cost Accountant: Rs.51000/- over 3.5 years course;

IT Voice: What is the beauty of this mission:

Anil Khandelwal: There is complete transparency. There is no cash dealing with any of the shaping future office bearers nor with the student as the fee is directly deposited with the institute concerned by the donor;

IT Voice: How many persons are involved into this mission:

Anil Khandelwal: We have an army of 200 persons across India including 100 donors on our panel, 10 coaching institutes and 90 members including screening committee members and coordinating members;

IT Voice: Who are the people involved:

Anil Khandelwal: We have bureaucrats like IAS, IRS, IPS, Bankers of the level of MDs, Eds, CGMs, GMs, eminent doctors, educationalists, corporate houses, Chartered Accountants & other professionals; 

IT Voice: What are the locations of your students:

Anil Khandelwal: We have our students pan India including Telangana, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab, Haryana, and Rajasthan;

IT Voice: How does the student payback this obligation:

Anil Khandelwal: Shaping future takes a commitment from every student that once he or she is established then they would help at least 2 students of shaping future, thus if every students helps 2 students, 100 students would help 200 students and this chain would go till eternity. Every student after passing out would become a donor;

One can approach Shaping Future at: and

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