Chinese Hackers Target Indian Institutions

A group of cyber hackers from China are targeting India. A leading network security company from USA has reported that this Hackingsophisticated hackers group is specifically targeting to steal sensitive diplomatic information. Considering the loopholes and weak cyber defense abilities, Chinese hackers might attack government bodies and academic institutes.

This group seems to be interested in India due to its border disputes with other countries. A cyber security company, FireEye reported attacks on south and southeast Asian countries from the same group. Although there aren’t solid evidences that these attacks were initiated from China, security agencies are highly suspicious about a group of Chinese hackers. The similar kind of cyber attack was recorded on Tibetan activists outside China.

This cyber hackers group follows the same pattern of attacks. They send phishing emails to victims with Word attachment that contains content on regional diplomatic issues, containing WATERMAIN script. Once a user opens this attachment, the script creates security backdoor on the computer that lets the attacker access user’s computer.

India has been victim of such attacks for too long. The poor state of cyber defense is one of the important reasons behind it. Even Microsoft is equally to be blamed. The security vulnerability in Microsoft software is known for over three years. Attackers are using the same vulnerability to lure users to open the malware attachment.

The operations of this hacker’s group are very sophisticated. They intelligently erase footprints of their attacks and the origin. Cyber security company reported that, this group is well-resourced and they are working round the clock. The group is particularly interested in regional politics. The United States and Indian government have joined hands to crack down on cyber crime and improve cyber defense.

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