China to test 5G technology by 2020

5GBEIJING: China is reportedly working on developing 5G technology after the wide acceptance of predecessor 3G and 4G getting equally greater response.

The secretary general of Telecommunication Development Industry Alliance (TDTA), Yang Hua said that they have started research and development on the 5G network and are planning to launch the network testing around 2020.

Director of Dept.of Science & Tech, MIIT, Wen Ku said that a unified standard for the technology when adopted globally, will allow different enterprises to be connected and form a competitive environment.

Wen further said that with such adoption, enterprises can gain reasonable profits and provide faster, better, more convenient and cheaper services to consumers.

According to China Daily, as the country prepares to hand out 4G licenses, smartphone manufacturers are working on new 4G products.

source : Times of India