Chifro Studios Now Launches a new counting game for kids on IOS and Android Platform

Chifro_Logo_ITVoiceThere is a new mobile application in the product-portfolio of Chifro Studios called Kids Math Count Numbers Game. This application is meant for teaching kids the concept of counting.

This application belongs to the genre of free educational games and puts forth the real-time act of counting on an innovative and interactive Android platform. Children get an immense amount of learning features through the activities present in this application. For example, one of the activities combines visual recognition and the usage of analogous examples by connecting dots to form an image having something to do with numbers. This application contains math problems useful for all grades (lkg, ukg, grade 1, and grade 2) showcased through six activities:

  • Learning Counting
  • Writing numbers
  • Identifying greater-and-smaller numbers
  • Finding missing numbers
  • Number names
  • Connecting dots for picture-formation

Perhaps the best feature of this application is that it contains innovative and interactive presentations of the solutions of math problems which are often confusing for children.

Kids Math Count Numbers Game is present at Google Play Store and is perhaps the best starting platform for children when it comes to learning the subject of Mathematics.

For Android:
Counting Numbers
Counting Number

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