February 27, 2021

Chidamabram will answer public questions

Chidamabram  answer-Post-Budget, are there some questions lingering in your minds? Here’s your chance to pose them directly at finance minister P Chidambaram and get answers.

P-Chidambaram logo photo

Chidamabram will answer public questions- from industry-specific tax reforms to overall economic progress of the country- on Google Hangout at 8 pm on February 4 (Monday).

“This is a powerful communications platform and is accessible across the world for internet users,” the finance ministry said in a release.

Users can submit their questions by uploading a video, by commenting on the YouTube channel or through the Google India Page and tagging text or a video with the hashtag #askthefm.

Chidambaram will be joined by a select group of panelists such as Jahangir Aziz, India chief economist, JP Morgan; Anand Mahindra, CMD, Mahindra & Mahindra and Amit Singhal, senior vice-president, Google Inc.

“During the conversation, selected participants will ask the Minister questions – but we’d also like to hear from you before the Hangout,” said a Google representative in the blog post.

“One of the mainstays of India’s political calendar is the annual Union Budget that is presented every February. This year – in a first for the Government of India – the Finance Minister will take to Google+ to respond to citizens’ questions about the Budget, and discuss the state of the Indian economy with a panel of industry leaders as well as citizens,” announced a Google blog post last week.

It will be the first time any cabinet minister is using the internet to interact with citizens and to answer queries on the Union budget, a finance ministry release said Sunday.

Alternatively, you may also head to the InConversation YouTube channel. Not to add that it could be accessed on the go as well. Be it your mobile or any other handheld devices, you can watch the budget video live.

 Google+ Hangouts are multi-party video chats that allow up to 10 people to participate at the same time. The Hangout can be later shared on YouTube or streamed live using Hangouts on air.