Cheap CVBS To HDMI Converters Now For Sale At The Website Of China Electronics Accessory Supplier Hiconn Electronics

Hiconn Electronics, a well-known electronics accessory supplier, has recently announced its new assortment of CVBS TO HDMI Converters for the global market. The company has also launched a big promotion for these new converters. The special offer will be valid from today until April 16.

The distinguished supplier insists that high price does not always means high quality, and low price does not always come with poor quality. Its original aim is to provide worldwide customers with excellent electronics accessories at the lowest possible prices. At its online shop, worldwide clients can get various types of useful converters. The intention of the promotion is to show the company’s appreciation to all old and new customers.

Now, the company’s new CVBS TO HDMI Converters are selling well. Here are some additional information about it:

–One AV Signal input

–R/L audio signal input

–One HDMI Signal output

–HDMI signal 720p/60HZ output

–Adaptive PAL / NTSC standard.

–Status Led Light-when signal source or signal end is working, the related Led light will go bright.

–Easy to install and can be installed well in two minutes.

–Need DC5V/1A power supply

What’s more, Hiconn Electronics has received thousands of good comments on the Internet so far. A lot of its electronics accessories very hot in the international market. All its products are especially created for those who never compromise on practicability and price.

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