ChatWork Reinforce Its Server For Major India Expansion

chatworkChatWork announced that it is taking a giant leap forward to India by setting up a larger server on September 23, 2013. ChatWork is a all-in-one communication platform that is specifically designed to make business communication easier for your teams and companies. Since launching in March 2011, ChatWork has signed up over 200,000 users, with most users based in Asia. After two years of unparalleled success, ChatWork have decided to take advantage of new opportunities in India with a larget server.

In India, video conferencing has become a widely accepted method of communication among business organizations. Skype is one of the most recognized service in the world, but you may have experienced some probems while you are talking on Skype. ChatWork would stand ahead of the competition with its server improvement. Larger server enables ChatWork to offer more stable video conference and clear picture for your professional needs. It allows users to talk to other users or hold serious company meetings without being interrupted by stability problem. Another advantage of this tool is that it’s easy to use: it is accessible for free, and allows you to organize audio conferences for up to 100 participants. The user simply need to sign-in ChatWork and install a small plug-in.

ChatWork combines group/IM messaging, task management, file sharing, and video chat in a single service. You can smoothly access to all features anytime anywhere without having a loading issues. By switching to this communication platform, you can instantly recognize the business benefits of practicing simple and professional communication style.

ChatWork’s primary functions are all free of charge. If you want to improve its features like increasing cloud storage and number of users, you can pay a substantial monthly fee that starts at $0.90 per month. As you can see, the benefits that can be obtained from utilizing ChatWork outweigh the costs.

So what are you waiting for? Switch to ChatWork and take your business to the next level.