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“Channel enablement is one of our essential partner programs, which creates a win-win situation for mutual growth and long term association for GTM activities.”-Mr Sunil Kripalani, Senior Vice President – Global Sales & Marketing.


An exclusive interview with IT.Voice,Mr Sunil Kripalani, Senior Vice President – Global Sales & Marketing,reveals his strategies for business in India .

Mr Sunil Kripalani, Senior Vice President – Global Sales & Marketing

Nisha Harshwal:-What were the key achievements in Year 2017 for your company?

Mr Sunil Kripalani:-eScan has scaled newer heights with its latest technological solutions to strengthen its product range against the new age cyber-attacks such as Ransomware to APT and DDoS attacks with its latest AI based PBAE Technology which is one of the most advanced tools to provide real time protection for enterprise to individual users. We have also launched our Endpoint Protection (EPP), Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and Terminal Services Protection Module (TSPM) solutions which are designed to provide real-time protection with complete control of endpoints to the network administrator. This has been launched keeping in pace with our growing penetration among large enterprises. In terms of customer acquisition, we have added many of the Fortune 500 companies to our client portfolio of esteemed customers.

Nisha Harshwal:-What are the major products for this year?

Mr Sunil Kripalani:-eScan’s EPP and EMM solutions are an integral part of eScan’s array of products, with MDM and Hybrid Network Support, are eScan Corporate 360, eScan Endpoint Security and eScan Enterprise 360. Furthermore, the new eScan Management Console (EMC) module includes a Secure Web Interface that facilitates dynamic security management of the server, endpoints and mobile devices in the corporate network. Our R&D team works relentlessly to stay ahead of various cyber-attacks and provide a safe and secure environment to our valued users.

Nisha Harshwal:-What are your future plans to grow the business volume for Escan?

Mr Sunil Kripalani:-With the rapid digitization of businesses, consumerization of IT and forthcoming smart city projects in India, cyber security becomes the corner stone of IT deployment for all infrastructure projects. Cyber security is now becoming an integral part of all business IT backbones and is crucial for sectors like BFSI, Government, Defense, and Education. As a pure play security solution provider we work closely with many of the SI partners, in expanding our reach across the above mentioned industry segments.

Nisha Harshwal:-What all marketing services you offer to your clients?

Mr Sunil Kripalani:-As a part of our Vision 2020 that is to be a brand leader among security products and solutions in India, we are realigning our channel and product policies to increase channel confidence and accelerating growth. We see a great opportunity for channel partners to join hands with one of the fastest growing security solution provider like eScan for mutual business growth keeping in mind the recent threats on Digital India and smart cities along with emerging technologies. Our partner training program is designed to drive value, to strengthen partners’ knowledge, to serve our customers better and build connections for business growth. We provide 24/7 technical, sales and marketing support to all our channel partners are designed to be proactive. eScan’s channel philosophy is to be an integral part of business growth.

Nisha Harshwal:-What are your investment and expansion plans?

Mr Sunil Kripalani:-As India is poised to leap frog in digital adoption, our research teams are working round the clock to develop the next gen security solutions, such as IoT Security, Cloud Security and AI based security solutions. Also as a pure play security solution provider we are working closely with many of the SI partners and also expanding our reach across vertical industry segments.

Nisha Harshwal:-Any schemes, promotions and incentives that you would want to share with the channel in particular?

Mr Sunil Kripalani:-Channel enablement is one of our essential partner programs, which creates a win-win situation for mutual growth and long term association for GTM activities. We have programs targeted for different verticals. We have structured our channel policies for sales, support and marketing activities which are aimed at increasing customer satisfaction and enabling good margins for our partner for their commitment towards proactive engagement. We have increased our channel reach program through technical training and empowerment programs for channel sales and technical teams for a better understanding of our product range and solutions.

Nisha Harshwal:-Can you please elaborate on the journey of eScan?

Mr Sunil Kripalani:-eScan being an independent vendor of security solutions has an array of solutions to protect the networks and endpoints of very large to small businesses users. With our strong R&D capabilities, we have incorporated technologies like Terminal Services Protection Module (TSPM), MicroWorld Winsock Layer (MWL), Proactive Behavioral Analysis Engine (PBAE), Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS), Domain & IP Reputation Check and Non-Intrusive Learning Pattern (NILP) Technology to provide real-time protection against Ransomware, DDoS, APT and other cyber-attacks. Our eScan and MailScan product portfolio includes Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Content Security, Anti-Spam and Network Intrusion Prevention solutions etc. which protects our users from any kind of cyber-attacks. Our security products are segregated in three segments that are designed to suit the needs of small offices and homes, small and medium businesses and large enterprises.  

Nisha Harshwal:-Tell us about your new launch products?         

Mr Sunil Kripalani:-As said before being one of the pure-play IT security provider, we work continuously towards a safer IT environment for businesses to individuals. Our R&D teams work relentlessly to develop solutions that are easy to use as well as ready to mitigate any security risk arising emerging sophistication of the attacks. We invest our significant time in staying ahead of the technology changes and trends to provide real-time security solutions for our customers stay safe from any kind of cyber threats. Be it the emerging threats involving IoTs or sophisticated malware attacks such as ransomware, our team have stood guard with solutions.

Nisha Harshwal:-What are the key features that make eScan different?

Mr Sunil Kripalani:-To overcome the challenges of Businesses and individuals to defend the cyber threats, eScan has made its products and solutions designed in such a way that there are minimalistic human intervention and cyber outbreaks can be prevented. This includes critical patch management updates/alerts to group wise rules and policies deployment with a central web-based management console to track and mitigate any untoward incident such as ransomware attacks to APTs or targeted attacks.