Chalo App for Jaipur Launched: Don’t Wait at a Bus Stop Ever Again

The Chalo app for Jaipur was launched today at the hands of Shri Subir Kumar, MD, Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation Limited. The Chalo app integrates all the Jaipur Buses into a single live-tracking and journey planner tool. The free mobile app benefits the 1.5 lakh daily bus travellers of Jaipur by reducing their commuting time by as much as 40 minutes each day and helping them save money by finding the cheapest trip options to their destination.

The Chalo app empowers commuters in Jaipur to:

  • Know the live arrival time of their bus so they plan their travel accordingly
  • Track the live GPS position of their bus on a map
  • Plan their trip door-to-door using a multi-modal trip planner that includes the metro
  • Find the cheapest and fastest trip options, including all the bus route options to their destination
  • Buy a mobile bus pass directly through the app, which means no more waiting in the queue at the pass counter

The app has been developed under the aegis of Jaipur City Transport Services Limited and Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation Limited. With the launch of the app, Jaipur joins an elite rank of global smart cities that offer technology-enabled public transport services for their residents. By making it easier to take the bus, the app is bound to increase the usage of public transport and reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions which are major challenges in the growing city like Jaipur.

Residents of Jaipur can experience the Chalo app right away by downloading it free from the Google Play Store.

About Chalo

Chalo is a free mobile app developed by Zophop Technologies Private Limited, a technology-driven transport solutions company that aims to make travel better for everyone. The app has been developed specifically for travellers who rely on buses, trains and other forms of public transport to get around their city. It enables users to track their bus live on a map, check the arrival time and plan their journey door-to-door with a multi-modal trip planner.

About Jaipur City Transport Services Limited

Jaipur City Transport Services Limited (JCTSL) is a city bus service for Jaipur, operated by RSRTC. With a fleet of over 350 buses along 34 primary routes, JCTSL tirelessly works towards fulfilling the increasing travel needs of Jaipur.

About Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation Limited

The Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation Limited (JMRCL), started on 01 January 2010 is a state-owned company that operates the Jaipur Metro. It was established with the mission to provide Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) in the city of Jaipur by way of metro rail network. Among the Rapid Transit systems of India, it has been recorded fastest to conduct of trial run after starting construction. Jaipur Metro is the first metro in India to run on triple-storey elevated road and metro track.