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CEO of Epic Games Chastizes Apple

Epic Games is not backing out of a fight with the US-based tech giant, Apple even as Fortnite (which is developed by Epic Gamers) remains out of the App Store. A day after saying that the multinational company, Apple had no right over the gaming company’s labor in court filings, its CEO has taken pot-shots at Apple on Twitter despite the fact replying to user comments about the continuing court case. The company, Apple had pulled the epic game’s creation i.e. Fortnite from the App Store in August after the gaming firm enabled the option for players to pay straight to the game developer for in-application purchases, in an attempt to bypass the 30% fee that the tech giant charges.

In one of the numerous replies to comments on the epic games’ CEO’s post, he said that only because Apple sold a smartphone, it doesn’t give the company any right to tax and control the person who bought the smartphone.


Image from Epic Games


Epic has been involved in a fierce campaign called #FreeFortnite not only against Apple but also Google for what it describes as a battle against anti-competitive limitations on the mobile device marketplace. Though, the United States’ District Judge after hearing the case, did not grant an order that could let Fortnite be released on App Store.

Apple has preserved that its action of eliminating Fortnite from its App Store was right. The company currently has said that its conduct was sensible, its actions were commenced in good faith to enhance genuine business interests, and that they had the outcome of indorsing, inspiring, and growing competition.

Lawyers who represented Epic Games said that Epic had broken some of the contractual boundaries that the tech giant levies on iOS makers as those were illegitimate. As per them, the Epic Games opt to take a stand against the multinational company’s monopoly to exemplify that competition could survive on iOS, and that clients would welcome and have an advantage from it. The gaming company did so with no early notice to Apple as Apple would else have used its monopoly control to avert that rivalry from happening.

But Apple is not just on the erroneous side of Epic Games these days. Facebook Games were introduced presently as a cloud service offering titles like Asphalt 9 that boot up straight from Facebook for Android users is not on iOS systems. Vice president of Play tweeted recently and said that the company had shot down numerous requirements of approval of its iOS cloud notions.

Although, a jury trial is held in July 2021 to settle the civil lawsuit which is filed against Epic Games.

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