August 9, 2020

Celebrating 73rd Independence Year, Kaspersky’s Freedom campaign sales offers a 30% off to SMB’s

While there are many news focusing on the cyber risks that large corporations face, mid to small businesses are at high risk, too. According to Kaspersky’s report, Kaspersky’s web antivirus detected 21,643,946 unique malicious objects in 2018. Hackers and phishing scams can cost businesses large and small, hundreds of thousands of rupees, hours of time and plenty of stress.

Because big businesses have more to lose, they’re also at the forefront of protection efforts. Smaller businesses can learn lessons from the efforts of the larger corporations and scale their protection to work for their smaller set ups.

Leading cyber security brand Kaspersky has been constantly working towards making Digital India secure. And in that spirit, to celebrate India’s 73rd Independence Year, Kaspersky is offering a 30% off on MRP on all their B2B products, exclusively-to small and medium businesses. The offer is to encourage small and medium businesses to understand their cybersecurity needs and protect their systems in a budget, that best fits their pockets

With most small and medium businesses are adopting digital modes, it has become life critical for them to pay sincere attention to their cybersecurity readiness. Deployment of cybersecurity solutions not just makes businesses secure, but also builds customer, partner & investor confidence. If a business is growing fast, or in the throes of digital transformation, the chances of IT resources getting overstretched are high. Maybe not today, but very soon. These companies need to work smart, pick solutions that deliver instant protection and scales when they need it. With this Independence offer, we are just making the process of securing businesses, easier and cost effective, said Mr. Purshottam Bhatia, Digital Sales Manager, Kaspersky.